Friday, December 11, 2015

Aden's Nursery

Happy Weekending! Finally all of the boxes are out of our house, broken down or in the garage and it is starting to feel a little more like home. I still can't believe we live in Southern California! I have been making a few less u-turns, I know exactly how to get to Target and found the best mall ever yesterday! We went to The Land of Nod which is our new favorite store and now we don't have to pay for shipping, just gas! :) Picked up a few things for Aden, of course my sweet Adie and like always a few things I could not resist! Nothing haunts you like the stuff you didn't buy! Am I right?! 

Aden's room is my favorite. I love the simplicity of being a boy and I cannot wait to add a view more must haves. Book shelves, a few more pictures and I am a sucker for soft blankets. I love adding some holiday cheer to their rooms well, actually to every room. 'Tis the season! But his crib is the one Adie used and I love how it is still like brand new, we just need a bumper because he is wild when he wakes up and even sometimes when he sleeps. His rocking chair has been a Momma's dream snuggling him and just holding him while he sleeps and makes the cutest noises. Sometimes he is a complete wild animal I am trying to wrestle, grabs my hair and then he smiles even giggles sometimes. 

Adie will always run into his room when she hears him wake up and plays peek-a-boo or throw everything she can find in his crib. But the one thing that kills me is she puts his little brush bottle trees behind the rocking chair! So I finally asked her why she keeps doing it and she says: "Mommy, I don't want the monsters to find them!" Either super creepy or she's hilarious! I just love how much she loves him, she is always trying to make him laugh and her new favorite thing is to lay on him which he totally loves. I found these cute reindeer pillows and got one for each of my little pumpkins and they will be perfect for a little sleepover under the tree. 

I totally think you can have nice things with babies and toddlers, you just have to teach them. Adie says all of the time now, "It's ok Mom, it's ok! because that's what I tell her when she breaks something, when she's mad a mess or has been hiding behind the laundry basket putting chapstick on her Barbie's hands and legs. The natural light in our new house is one of the reasons we fell in love with it. I told Eric the other day we will probably be settled into our new place in like a year. We are searching right now for a dinning table so we don't have to crowd around Adie's little play table. But on a completely different subject, I tried this new recipe tonight for dinner and I already want leftovers. 

Tomorrow we have fun plans; writing Santa a letter, decorate our gingerbread house and Adie wants to buy flowers! She's a total ham! But we are excited for the weekend, Papa and Nana are coming for a quick visit and cannot wait! XO

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