Monday, December 21, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

We are so excited for Christmas! This year will be a little different spending the holidays with just the four of us. I cannot wait to spend Christmas Eve in our new pajamas, drinking hot chocolate and watching Elf! Christmas morning I plan on having all the yummy finger foods for breakfast; cinnamon rolls, muffins, donuts and Adie's favorite, orange juice. Because who really wants a huge breakfast when you have new toys to play with or naps to take! Her entire world is going to be rocked and her belief in Santa is going to be so magical Christmas morning and it makes my entire year. 

I've rounded up a few of my favorite things this year besides watching Adie's face light up when she sees Santa or Heart her Elf at Target. Wrapping paper is huge for me for the holidays, actually any fun occasion that needs wrapped! Target is killing me with their stinking cute wrapping paper. I even went back today and grabbed a few more rolls for 30% off and and on the hunt for the pink and gold trees since I couldn't find any tonight while Adie was hitting everything with her roll! I could make any box look pretty all day and love to find the perfect gift toppers. Target has had everything this year and I found cute tags at Banana Republic picking up a few last minute Christmas gifts. I just want the presents to stay wrapped under the tree for like another month because its all over way too fast! 

I bought this Candy Kirby Doll for her and I cannot wait until she opens her. I think this is going to be my gift to her! I love spoiling her in fun girly ways and this doll is everything! She is beautiful and will be perfect for tea parties, slumber parties and a few dancing afternoons I am sure! When we went to Crate and Barrel Adie picked out the cutest little Santa ornament and it's by far one of my favorite ornaments this year! She loves it and is always taking it off her tree and playing with it. 

Aden's room is one of my favorites. Snuggling him before his nap-time/bedtime has been something during the day I always look forward too. We have been so busy and those few minutes is quiet (most of the time) and he will never be that little again. My favorite!!! This pillow was the perfect buy and a total impulse buy waiting for our to-go dinner at Brio (another favorite) but its all just perfect. You can see his simple cute nursery here! I cannot wait to finish it but like everything else its a total work in progress! Hot chocolate is a must even in Southern California :) and I love my you rock mug! A couple of my friends back in Utah gave it to me before we moved and I love it and miss their guts! But if you follow us on Instagram (adieandaden) you've seen me chugging hot chocolate by our favorite tree!

When I got my braces my orthodontist sent me home with an electric toothbrush and I am obsessed with it. And now that I found a pink one I am even more obsessed and have to have one. :) We love Macaroni and Cheese over at our house and I miss it from Noodles back home but this cookbook can change all of that! 50 simple recipes that are quick for those days you just don't want to make dinner and a few side recipes to make a complete meal, I am sold and need it in our recipe book collection!

On another note, we got in a car accident today and we are all ok but I bawled because it could have been so much worse and feel so blessed that everyone was able to walk away and go home for the holidays. And not to mention I am glad Eric was with us ... he makes everything better and not just accidents! But isn't dealing with insurance companies the worst!?! 

Happy almost Christmas!!! Sending you lots of love + merry wishes your way!

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