Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trick or Treat 2015

I tried to be festive through the packing, the meltdowns over fruit snacks being gone and deciding what costume to wear! We carved pumpkins with Uncles and friends, played hide in seek and took a few hundred pictures of our carved faces! We went all out this year and carved faces lit with a candle and called it Halloween! 

Halloween morning we grabbed a few much needed donuts and of course Adie helped pick these ones and just ate the frosting! Our neighborhood is good for candy but not filling your trick or treat bag so we went with my sister-in-law and her stinking cute family to hit a bunch more houses. This year Adie picked Blue Guy Girl (Captain America) and insisted only boys carry shields but this costume couldn't be more her at this age. She is always talking about Hulk and Iron Man but Captain America is her favorite so it worked out perfect! From the minute she put her costume on she had hands on her hips and a serious superhero face! Hilarious! The weather was perfect for running house to house with Captain America and saving the world!

She loved trick-or-treating this year, she would knock on the door and ring the door bell. Say trick-or-treat and then proceed to grab a hand full of candy and even tried going inside a few houses. So we are still working on taking just one or let them throw it in her pumpkin bag. Every year gets better and better and I cannot wait until her little brother can go house to house with her getting bags of candy! I think lollipops were popular this year and I grabbed a few snickers and milky ways of course. The night is never over until we head over to Eric's parents house for a few more chocolate bars! Which I totally grabbed all of them for our house hunting trip! :) and Adie of course grabbed the lollipops and sour candy.

Hope you guys all had a fun Halloween and grabbed your favorite candy! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving!!!

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