Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Been Two Weeks

We've been a little quiet over here since it's been two weeks since we've gotten Daddy's kisses, his I'm home with Chick-fil-A, his snuggles and his calls telling me he's on his way home. I have a new respect for those of you doing this by yourself. I love my little babies but I need a mini momma vacation and to see my Hubby. These last two weeks have been chaotic, sleepless, full of tears from all three of us and belly laughs from jumping on the bed and tickles that make Aden squeak! 

We have been on a house hunt in California and it literally is going to make me have yet another meltdown at Cheesecake Factory when your daughter asks you where Daddy is or when she asks when is Daddy coming home. I never thought finding a house would be so exhausting and heartbreaking at the same time. We found the perfect house to run around in, to snuggle in front of the fireplace (which every house in California has one) in, to have birthdays in and to sweep up sand from the beach that we cannot get enough of. I have been fighting for this place we want to call home and I have come to realize you have to do it yourself and find someone who will fight with you. When you are already decorating the entire place and know where you're going to put the new sofa it's a total must to sign the papers, right?! 

So we've had snow ball fights, we've read Halloween books that I finally switched out for some fun Thanksgiving books, been to the mall, bought a few must haves, a few things to put on our Christmas lists, tried to not loose my mind with Adie pushing the stroller, and snuggled in my new favorite pajamas for my little two favorites! Time is going by so fast, my little Aden will be six months old soon and our days are smearing together being here without Daddy and we are excited and wishing for the best with our house we picked in California!

Cheers to Thanksgiving dinner with the Anderson's and eating too many rolls until it's time to eat pumpkin pie with a pile of whipped cream! Happy Weekending! XO

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