Tuesday, November 10, 2015

House Hunting in California

Last week we took the kids to California to house hunt. The drive is much faster than what we're used to traveling to Arizona which was a dream. We stopped a couple time to fill both the car with gas and baby Aden with food. Adie would watch a movie on my her iPad and sleep and make sure she had chicken nuggets and she was set. We stayed at the Marriott close to shopping and yummy restaurants. Newport beach was 30 miles away which took under an hour to get there and it was exactly what we imagined it to be like. Adie was dying to get her sneakers off and her toes in the sand, she was laughing and giggling the entire time. The beach seriously is so relaxing and I see a lot of fun days ahead for our little family. Sand castles, pizza at the beach for dinner, family pictures, and sand everywhere ... perfection! 

We looked at a few houses, some old ones, not to kid friendly ones, and the last house we looked at was the house. So excited after feeling a bit discouraged and almost bawling to Eric. So much to consider when moving especially with kids. Schools, neighborhood, being and feeling safe, and close to Target! This house I can see our little babies running around after each other, comfy movie watching nights on the sofa, baking our favorite cookies and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

We have been on the phone the last couple of days and all day with our realtor who is amazing! We keep getting bullied about raising rent and the deposit fees are already outrageous and have been feeling chaotic and stressed. Everything was going more than smooth so there had to be something to make me loose it. Fingers are crossed we get the house we love at the price we love and first saw it listed for. Has anyone else been there? Any advice for the ready to move and be at the beach Momma who misses her Hubby? Tell me ... would love to hear advice, tips and the must places to eat and shop in Southern California! On a good note, my babies are both sound asleep in bed dreaming and they were angels today well minus Adie's mini meltdown changing into pajamas instead of clothes after her bath. She kills me!

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