Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day Out + Thanksgiving Style

Yesterday we needed to get out of the house and the weather was beautiful so why not! I took Adie and Aden to the mall grabbed a few new pajamas for Aden and made it to our favorite store Peek Kids! They have so many cute things right now I am dying! I love this time of year all the fun things to do for your little babes. I am literally sleep deprived, living in my sweats, surviving on Dr. Pepper and have had the same top knot crap bun for the last couple of days reminding myself I totally got this. Adie has been such a sweet girl while Eric is at work and still house hunting in California so it was a must to pick up Princess Sofia legos she has been drooling over, which it was so funny the guy checking us out asked if it was for Christmas I laughed and told him I wish I could get away with wrapping it up and putting it under the tree. Nothing gets by little Miss ask why five hundred thousand times a day and remembers every little things it's kind of scary. 

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away and I still do not know what our plans are all I am hoping is to be together with our little family because we miss our Guy! I always love a good outfit for the holidays coming up and am dying over his and hers for my two little favorites. The dark blue and purple are perfect for fall and I hope to be capturing a family selfie on the beach :) so excited! I have been reminded that things happen for a reason and am so excited for new listings that make me want to pack myself and drive out to California! The outfit I picked out for Adie has me so excited to see her running around the table stealing rolls and laughing at her Uncles. That skirt, right!!! I have come across so many amazing shops through Instagram and I freaking love it. Shop small win big!

Aden's outfit is literally killing me with stinking cuteness and I can just see his face full of smiles. He is always squealing and laughing until he gets completely tired and cranky but we love it. I love dressing up a simple tee and that wolf one with the wolf knit hat is perfection. I cannot wait to snuggle and get tons of slobbery kisses! If all goes as planned my little babes will be dressed for the holiday, we'll be with Eric on the beach and making memories that count and last forever and ever! Life really is meant to be spent full of joy! I usually have to remind myself of that every day.

Happy Weekending!

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