Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is by far my favorite ever. I love mashed potatoes. turkey, rolls, green beans and repeat! I cannot believe October is already almost over. This month has flown by and I saw a billboard the other day that said 64 more days until Christmas! It always sneaks up so fast! This holiday will be crazy and also so special this year and I cannot wait! I gathered up Thanksgiving dinner and cannot wait to celebrate all that I am thankful for with my three favorites!

I like to keep things simple even for seconds! The turkey is the best part but I hate touching it so I make my Hubby help and I make it work to get it in the oven! When I worked at the Marriott (my first job long time ago and I loved it) one of the maintenance guys (his name is James) gave me the best cooking a turkey advice ever! Cook it upside down and stick butter between the skin and the meat and we have been doing it that way ever since! Mashed potatoes and rolls are a close tie of favorites. Eric doesn't like mashed potatoes but he loves sweet potatoes loaded like at Texas Roadhouse, brown sugar and marshmallows! I am loving the green beans and carrots recipe that I am going to try this year! Butter seriously makes everything better! 

I cannot wait to set the table with little name cards and right now Crate and Barrel has the best table set for your dinner! One of my favorite things during the holiday is making a wish with the wishbone and I cannot wait to do it with Adie this year! I love these drink recipes and what a fun way to make dinner a little more festive! Cheers to dinner and making memories! I love a good salad and that chopped salad will be a for sure must for our dinner. Pumpkin pie is my favorite pie and I have to have more whipped cream than pie. Village Inn has the best pumpkin pie ever! This year I want to attempt to make a pie, I have yet to try so it will be a fun tradition to start with Adie! I can't wait to have her help in the kitchen, it's her favorite thing lately and it totally makes my day! 

Rolls are another thing I can never get enough of but always regret eating too many! The Andersons are huge bread eaters and they love rolls and our little Adie is no different, she could literally just live off of bread! I love the idea of a fruit and cheese tray to keep out during the day/while you're cooking so you can snack snack snack! I never really want to eat breakfast lunch and a big Thanksgiving dinner so that tray of different favorites is perfect! I love the holidays! Food, family, friends, laughs and making memories is my favorite!!!

Happy Monday! 
If you follow us on Instagram than you know we are pretty excited to pick up Eric from the airport in the morning!

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