Friday, October 30, 2015

Painting Pumpkins

We have been busy going though our last almost four years of keeping everything and we needed a much deserved break. This girl has been the best ever, she she was so excited when I set up a little pumpkin painting get together! I love her more than all of the stars in the sky and she deserves all the fun! So we picked out pumpkins to paint and if you want white pumpkins you get those damn things October first! We looked everywhere for them and I even made a couple phone calls and nothing! But the girls had a blast and watching Adie play is what I needed! 

I wrapped our table in black paper so I wouldn't be cleaning up for days and it makes messes that much easier to clean! I'm always nervous when paint is involved but the washable paint is genius and I don't even care when they paint! They could do that for hours and the mess is so easy to clean up and comes off their little arms and hands with a little soap and warm water! Perfect for Moms!

We had a few favorite snacks we made our favorite popcorn and grabbed a couple orange sodas. Ghost cupcakes that Adie just eats the frosting and a few rolos to match the Halloween vibe. The weather was drizzle rain all day but nothing matters when you have friends over and candy! Adie loves to run in the rain and she insists on never wearing shoes and it makes me crazy. But I guess you are only a kid once, right?!

Nothing beats friends and I love how kids make friends so easy and effortlessly and I am going to have to learn from Adie here soon! Being an adult sucks sometimes and all we really need is a good nap and chocolate! I cannot wait for our new adventures but I will miss our second home so so much just not the cold weather :) Hope you guys have a happy Friday and fun Halloween weekend with your favorites! Adie is still deciding on what she wants to dress up as, it's a tie between Cinderella, Iron Man girl and a witch!

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