Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life with Two

Two! Every day is a new meltdown and crazy but I love it! I would not change the sleepless nights, spit up t-shirts, living in sweats and giggles for anything! I cannot believe its been three years since we decided I'd be better at staying home raising babies than making money. Most days I live in my sweats that Eric threatens to throw away :) and I forget to brush my hair and let's not start on how badly I need to get to the salon but I love tickling Aden until he laughs! Watching Adie's new dance moves are the best, she's getting pretty creative! But watching them play together is what its all about and brings you the most un-explainable joy! 

... a few things that work for us:

1. Do not beat yourself up about anything (I work at this every day). Kids are so forgiving and and there is always tomorrow! If you let your toddler watch Princess Sofia for more than one two three episodes in a row because the night before she kept waking up and coming into your room asking to cuddle, than do it! Have a day where all you do is snuggle your babies and stay in your pajamas. I have laughed at so many things that Adie has done when I should be upset. She will always remember the way I treated her and not what she did. So you can always replace the things that broke, the walls can always be cleaned/painted, the frown face can always be turned into giggles and try again tomorrow. 
2. Routine! Everything just works better for everyone. Toddlers/babies like need routine. Once a vacation or trip to see family messes up the routine get them back on what they know for breakfast, nap-time, dinner and bedtime! It's the worst when we fall short of our routine, it makes the next day awful for everyone. In the mornings I get to feed Aden and snuggle him while Adie gets her last bit of beauty sleep. She usually wakes up while I am still feeding him or just as he's finished his bottle. Which lets me put him in his favorite rocker or tummy time so I can make her breakfast and ask her if she had pretty dreams! I always love her stories when she wakes up and not to mention the good morning hugs are the best! 
3. Being outside! Nothing clears a threenager meltdown than a little fresh air and change of pace! We have been crunching leaves, hiding from Hulk, waving bye as she cruises down the lane in her little pink car and Aden and I try to keep up! I love to take snack time outside, read stories and get a little sun-kissed! The weather has been perfect lately, crisp, cool and crunchy leaves everywhere! Adie can't get enough of being outside either, she will run wild barefoot and not think twice to stop unless there's orange juice/apple juice involved. 

Happy Hump Day! xo

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