Thursday, October 29, 2015

Five Months with Aden

 These last five months have been full of laughter, 54604568 pictures, morning snuggles, Adie telling Aden she is busy, and my heart is so full of happiness! I never knew how perfect having a little boy would be. There are tons of stinking cute clothes for my little guy and the toys. Who knew?! I cannot wait for Christmas to surprise him with the cutest push dinosaurs! Boys really are fun and Aden has a special piece of my heart that I can never explain! Everyone told me that boys are so different than having girls and it is so true. He's only five months old and I just want to squeeze him all of the time! He's starting to hold his own bottle and I don't want him to. I love snuggling him and giving him tons of kissed every time I feed him.

He has been sleeping through the night which makes our morning full of giggles and snuggles perfect. I still swaddle him but he always wiggles and stretches out of the little burrito and wakes up on is stomach. He wakes up cooing and Adie always runs in there and tells him good morning which is the best way to start our days. Every time we put Aden on the floor to play he always ends up on his tummy and then he gets pissed and tired. I think he will be crawling all over the house before we know it which will be so fun and chaotic but I just know Adie will love it! They grow up so fast.

Everyone always tells us he's so happy and that is by far the best compliment any Mommy could get! It means even if I have been living in my sweats, haven't washed my hair in a few days, and haven't whatever I must be doing something right. Eric calls him Mr. Smiley because that's usually what he does, smiles when you walk into the room, when he watches Adie dance, and when you tickle is getting chubby legs! 

Being a Mom is freaking so exhausting but so worth it when you make your little baby laugh. When you know how to make them feel safe or comfort them after they get bumps and bruises. Nothing is better than making them smile and it erases all of the moments when you just think you couldn't do it anymore. Baby Aden you are perfect in every way and we love you like crazy! Happy five months!

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