Friday, October 2, 2015

Favorite Finds + Fall Picnic

Happy Friday! This week has been busy but slow if that even makes sense! I am sure you Mommies will cheers to that! One of my favorite things we did this week was get out of the house (some days we don't and it gets crazy) and went for a picnic! I packed up my our new favorite book because Adie is always saying, "Mommy! Idea, I have idea!" followed by the funnest most adventurous idea like building booby traps with the laundry baskets and saving her from Hulk! We went to a fun little spot with a creek and had yum sandwiches, our favorite drinks, the biggest pumpkin cookie ever, and I made a fun little scavenger hunt for Adie! She was the funnest thing ever to watch finding everything on the list! She had to show Daddy and Aden what she found which her idea of a red leaf is a yellow one! I love seeing her excitement, pure joy for this Momma ... it's my favorite!

I have been getting a lot of inspiration for a playroom you can see here for my little babes and love the idea of a office/playroom! That way you can get a little work/blogging/pinteresting done while your kids play and you can make sure everything is going smooth when it's complete silence! I love mixing the colors pink and aqua-teal together with a few neutral colors to bring it all together! I found these rugs at one of our favorite places and I just know they would spend hours playing cars and maybe even pass out for a nap on! I totally love the idea to layer your rugs and found this one to be perfect for just that! I definitely want a reading area, so they can read be comfy and let their imagination soar! A few book shelves on the wall with our favorite books will make the perfect reading nook! 

Love the idea of having a sofa in there so they can snuggle up together and watch their favorite Disney movie and Inside Out comes out soon and I don't know if I am more excited than Adie but we can't wait! When I saw the shaggy pouf and the fact it came in pink I was literally dying and already have it in my shopping cart online ... when Adie saw it she said, "Mommy, you buy that, I love it!" So fun! I am a huge fan of making your playroom look like the rest of your house when it comes to style because I know for a fact we will be spending most of our time in there and who doesn't want it to feel just like home. But really most days I am sure there will be toys everywhere and my inner OCD will put it back to perfect when the babies are asleep! I would put a few things in there too, like Adie's little kitchen she has been cooking so much in lately, everything is hot so you have to be careful! Lots of pillows, our most comfiest blankets, probably a basket or two filled with there everyday toys, and of course filled with laughter and memories that will last a lifetime! 

I have plans to make conference weekend a little more fun with tents inside and lots of yummy food! :) Happy Weekend!

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