Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Style For Her + Him and Our Weekend

Already a week into October and the weather has us all ready to bundle up! I always think it's the cutest when toddlers and babies are bundled up with little red noses, nothing a warm cup of hot chocolate can't fix! We've got pumpkins, we've got a (half) bag of candy corn, we have our costumes picked out ... 'tis the season!

I am loving all things fur, dark blue, with the color of the season this year, grey! and a splash of vibrant hats or t-shirts! I cannot get over the crown which I just might have to wear myself for a little tea time! ;) How stinking fun! I put together a little inspiration using some of my favorite pieces this Fall, cozy and girly, with a splash of comfort and all ready for cooler weather!

I love putting Aden in hats/beanies since he doesn't take them off and he looks so stinking cute and love any of them from Beau Hudson, they are the. softest. things. ever! Perfect for Fall in every way!

This weekend was busy and laid back at the same time! We met Eric at work Saturday for lunch and went to Adie's favorite place (mine too, frozen lemonade) she has to have her ranch, gets that from her Momma! :) Does anybody else's kids stack anything, ketchup, ranch, jelly, and then full blown punch it? or am I the only one!!? Free entertainment, I'll take it! And when I order a frozen lemonade she yells at the top of everything and says, "Meeeee Mom meeeee WHITE LEMONADE!" kid you not! So mine always becomes hers and I have to ninja sneak a sip. My new favorite Adie phrase is: as she whispers it to me, "Daddy loco chicken nuggets!" hilarious every time! I know I say this every time but this has to be my favorite age ever!

Sunday was conference and a little chaotic, built a tent for the babes and my little drool monster fell asleep while Adie set the timer so when it dinged I would turn off conference and she could play her game! She learns way too quick! She helped me make these yummy pumpkin brownies with whipped vanilla buttercream! I love her intense focus on making sure she gets the edges! I so have to record her helping me in the kitchen some time so we can always look back and laugh and remember when it was easy even though right now sometimes it seems hard! "Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are." -Jeffery Holland I most definitely needed to hear that and repeat it to myself every day and even a few times a day! 

I always feel like we get a three day weekend with Eric's schedule since he doesn't work Mondays. We took Adie to the park across the street and just like that she is riding her bike and races you down the street! Makes you look for cars and if one is coming she stops in the middle of the road instead of crossing the whole thing, we're working on that. But the weather has been so nice so we have been making sure we spend most of our time outside! And Adie hasn't napped in like forever ... ever! But we was pretty worn out and she's the sweetest most beautiful girl and I could stare at her while she naps all day!!!

On a side note; Adie thinks Eric's name is Magic Mike ... I have no idea??? and she even told her new friend's Mom at the park! #OMG

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