Friday, October 23, 2015

Bar Cart Essentials

I was so excited when Chairish reached out and asked us to grab our favorite bar cart essentials because what's not to love about all of it?!? Bar carts have made a huge comeback in so may ways and I am a huge fan as well! There are a million ways you can dress up a bar cart, but whatever your style, you can't forget the essentials.

A classic piece for entertaining, I love the glamour of a perfectly put together bar cart. Whatever your style, with a handful of essentials and a few decorative touches, you can create one that suits your space. Here is a roundup of a few favorite essentials for any party bar cart! Go all out and celebrate big with your favorite's birthday and wheel it in the bedroom serving brunch! During the summer we live outside at the pool and how perfect to have a bar cart with your pool towels and favorite summer drinks! We love having sleepovers at our house and how fun to have a movie night popcorn station! Game night is pretty regular over here and a bar cart full of your favorite snacks, drinks and scrabble is a huge blast!

I am convinced everyone needs a bar cart. A few basics will get you ready for that perfect dinner party or girl's night that is probably way overdue! I love a simple cart to let the essentials do the partying! Finding the perfect bar cart is easy with Chairish, everything you need from simple classic to detailed vintage. A couple of bar stools with soft comfy pillows allows your guest to relax and mingle next to the glow of those amazing lights; sets the mood for relax and relax! I love a good tray that handles your favorite glasses or the new recipe for appetizers you tried which make it a must. Everyone needs a good pitcher for either your favorite summer drink or cocktails you've mixed up to all of those fun guests you've invited, so don't forget to send out invitations to all your favorites!

You'll need glasses for every occasion. Drinks for those lounging by the pool, mugs for those cold afternoons you'll bundle up with hot chocolate, your favorite glasses for game night and those mule mugs are my new go to for keeping drinks more than chill. Every bar cart needs a how to to shake, stir, and blend drinks that will wow your guests or even you! Coasters are always a good idea and an ice bucket is a must! Keeping beverages on ice adds flair and keeps things cool ready for round two or three! Every beverage needs a paper straw and I always get mine from Shop Sweet Lulu's they have straws for every. thing!

Our new favorite drink is starbucks candy apple frappuccino and they are perfect in the mule mugs garnished with an apple and a festive paper straw! Water is a for sure must on any bar cart and I always love how simple aqua panna looks and for those beverages that need a little bubble club soda is perfect! I cannot wait until Christmas Eve to have a hot coco bar in our Christmas pajamas watching a fun movie with my three favorites! Crushed candy canes, whipped cream and little marshmallows. I served this drink at Adie's birthday party and it was a huge hit so you have to try it. A must for any pool day, brunch with the girls or an afternoon with that book you've been trying to finish for weeks! Boxed water is so the way to go with a lime and one of those paper straws you picked out!

Every bar cart needs to have some style and personality! Your favorite piece of art is a great focal point and can be a great conversation starter! Add a few prints to fill space or make things girly and chic. Fresh flowers are always a good idea and so are snack bowls filled with peanuts and popcorn. I love how you can have simple and classic and than change your look to summer vibrant colors. The possibilities are pretty endless to bring style to your bar cart. A few fun matches fill empty space with cuteness and lets not even talk about that yellow pineapple! This is my favorite part of creating the perfect bar cart!

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