Monday, September 14, 2015

My 32 things

I turned 32 this year and since I usually post about my two favorites I thought I would share a view things about me, so here's 32 things about me and when I asked my Hubby what I should put on this list his response every time is I have a cute butt. Seriously?! Seriously!!! Guys are so simple!

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1. Love being a Mommy to my two favorites, its what I've always wanted
2. I drink probably 4-5 slushy cold Dr. Peppers a day and really only finish 2 (I'm drinking one right now)
3. I was born to be a beach bum and this might change before the year ends!
4. I think birthdays are the best things. ever! Confetti, balloons, cake, candles it's just more fun that way!
5. I am a twin! She lives in Arizona so does my older sister, younger brother and actually most of my family! Makes holidays and special days hard but thank gosh for FaceTime!
6. I am a perfectionist to the point I can make myself crazy, like if you walk on our bathroom rug I will follow you and fluff it up!
7. I have to listen to the radio in my car on an even number volume! Even the television volume ... all even.
8. I LOVE CHANGE even thought its sometimes scary and not knowing the end result can be horrifying I still love it.
9. Naps are the best thing ever and totally already want one tomorrow only if Adie would snuggle with me and take one too!
10. I make brown eyed babies, who would have thought, I have blue eyes!
11. Lipstick cheers me up and I am thinking of trying a dark shade for Fall but I don't have a top lip!
12. I get excited over anything at Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn Kids, anything! 
13. Some days I don't even want to get out of bed but then remember I have two kids
14. I got braces six months ago and so feel like I am in eighth grade again at the awkward stage!
15. The kissey emoji is my favorite and probably send it 50453380 times a day mostly to my Hubby.
16. Sometimes I get sick of chewing even when I am still hungry, the struggle is real!
17. I met Eric online ... it worked! ;) and is still working ... most days! Marriage is hard work but I totally love it!
18. I try every day to be a better me for my babies and some days just for me!
19. Shopping can change my bad mood to a good one immediately until I get the credit card bill!
20. I laugh really loud at movies ... even in the theater, if it's funny it's funny!
21. I could eat Cafe Rio every day for every meal, the chicken enchiladas though!
22. I feel put together when my nails are painted and toes and when my hair is done, heck now if I shower ... by myself!
23. I stress ... over pretty much everything even selfies. 
24. I have to put away the groceries, dishes, laundry because everything has to be a certain way, my way or I freak out and end up doing it my way anyway!
25. I spend more money and time on wrapping than the actual gift, presentation is everything.
26. Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in, I know cheesy but it's true. It's all about your mindset!
27. I compare myself to everyone and everything and have to remember daily not to compare my beginning to others middle!!! Working on that!
28. I can never have enough pictures, I have 7,296 on my iPhone right now.
29. I want to go to Italy and eat spaghetti and walk on the cobblestone streets!
30. I have everything I need to do yoga, outfit, mat, water bottle, towel, gym bag (priorities!) but haven't started, does thinking about it count?!
31. I love when Eric holds our babies #hotdad and when he takes a million pictures of them just like I do!
32. My babies, husband and all the people we love mean the world to me. Creating a fun and happy life is my number one priority!

That's my list! Now I want to know what we have in common! :)

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