Monday, September 21, 2015

Little Black Cat + Weekend Shenanigans

Fall starts Wednesday which means pumpkin pie anything, cinnamon candles, hot chocolate with lots of whip cream, cozy nights watching scary movies, and black cats! Halloween is everywhere we go and I am dying over it this year. How fun to jam out with the little cat speaker ... Adie would be obsessed! Cannot leave the house without that adorable kitten cardigan! I love anything from Crate and Barrel which made the list here and those plates are no different! How fun to serve little snacks for my favorites on them especially these pumpkin cookies we can't get enough of!

I love adding a touch of festive whatever in Adie's room and now Aden's and LOVE the sequin cat pillow perfect in every way! A basic sweater with black and white leggings would be so perfect or should we say pur-fect?! for a day out doing fun Halloween stuff! Adie loves to dress up and this kitty mask would be so fun for any day! Love the little cat booties to keep those small baby toes warm!

This weekend we spent more time outside since it's been cooler and we couldn't get enough! Being inside getting piles of laundry done, dishes and bottles, and cleaning up Adie billion messes is so boring! We went outside for cupcakes and walked around the yard looking for fun adventures! She's totally still into puddle splashing. We played on the swing-set and saw Captain Jake and Hulk so we had to play. Hid from helicopters and picked raspberries from the garden to make our favorite slurbees!

We went to the fair Saturday night and I still want to throw up! Adie only wanted me to ride the rides with her until we did some major bribery and Eric went on one with her! Always fun to ride with her because her laugh is so contagious! Her Uncle Troy got her a huge blow up guitar she has been playing with non stop but insists its a magic carpet! Love this age and her wild imagination just not at five o'clock in the morning when she tells us her heart won't sleep and Hulk woke her up! 

 Happy Monday!

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