Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Four Months with Aden

Four months ... Aden is even more laid back and is the happiest baby ever! He smiles. especially at Daddy, makes tons of perfect baby sounds and snaps when he's hungry! #bettywhite Today was his four month check up and he weighs 15.11 pounds which makes him in the 50th percentile for weight and he is 27 inches long and is at the top of the charts for height (98 percentile). Adie was off the charts at this point for both height and weight, who doesn't love a chubby baby! 

Sleep-wise, Aden is a dream or he must be having the best dreams because he has been sleeping all night! The last couple of days we have been putting him to bed by ten o'clock and he wakes up at eight-thirty but we still get restless sleep with our little cuddle monster! Adie has been coming into our room like clockwork and telling us she wants to cuddle. It's the sweetest thing ever until she crawls in bed and high kicks you all. night. long. Any tips? Advice? 

He loves his big sister, the sound of her voice always makes him light up and he follows her with his big brown eyes! She can always make him smile which turns into the cutest laugh. He loves being outside, loves to be held and snuggled. He loves the rockaRoo, he takes little cat naps while it rocks and lets me and Adie finish making our favorite cookies! During tummy time, he loves to look around and eat his hands or our favorite blankets! He either rolls over right away or Adie is cheering him on to roll over. Bath time is his favorite since he kicks and splashes and Adie thinks it's hilarious! She always wants to be helping and bath time is no different! 

I never thought having a little boy would be so perfect! Happy four months Aden! We love you so!

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