Saturday, September 12, 2015

Football Kickoff Favorites

You guys ... fall is literally in ten days which means football, the food is supremely comforting, pumpkin everything, the smell of a fresh bowl of candy corn ... it's a mixture of cake and happiness, caramel apples, can't forget those, and all of those comfy knit sweaters you have been missing! If football is going to be on every Sunday I might as well have a cute sweater to snuggle up in with my favorites and take a nap! We've gathered a few of our favorite snacks and cannot wait to cheer on our favorite team, Eric loves the Eagles and I will watch a Chargers game which are way more fun to actually be there! Go Team Go!

I cannot wait to try those amazing philly cheesesteak cups, I have a feeling I will want them every. single. day! Have you guys seen Dinner with Tiffani's?! I am watching it right now and I am hooked ... Saved by the Bell Kelly is my new favorite to learn tricks in the kitchen!! I already have them recording the series, ha! Ok ... back to our favorites: I think everything goes perfect with the classic coca cola and you have to try it with a little cherry! We are not hot dog lovers at our house ... I think we ate one too many million growing up and we just don't. But those loaded oven chili dogs look stinking so good and would be perfect for Sunday's kickoff!!! And for those of you who are with my on the hot dogs theirs always pizza and we love trying new recipes and the caprese pizza looks healthy and delicious!
Loaded Oven Chili Dogs | Mostly Homemade Mom
Caprese Pizza | Two Peas and Their Pod

These jalapeno popper bread bites are the perfect snack for game day and Eric fell in love with them even when they were cold, that's saying something, right?! We love dipping anything in anything and the pretzel bites are perfect to keep those little fingers busy while you cheer on your team or yell at the t.v.. The black been queso dip sounds ahhh-mazing and cannot wait to eat an entire bag of chips eating it! Which you will need another bag for the cheesy ranch chili dip and don't forget to wear your comfy sweater or sweats! Adie kept asking for more chips with her little bowl of whanch which she doesn't even know, but love that she'll try new things and love it!
Jalapeno Popper Bread Bites | Adie and Aden

Nachos are perfect for game day or any day really. Corey from Family Fresh Meals says how you don't have to wait for a party to have these pulled pork nachos. It's so simple you can easily serve it up on a weeknight and watch your family dinner turn into a party and I am always down for a party!!! And let's talk about how cute those individual seven layer dip cups are!!! I love my babe of a friend over at The Recipe Critic ...she knows what she's doing when it comes to food and I love how you can have individual snacks/food that way everyone has their own little platter of yum! 

Cheers to touchdowns and yum food!
 No post is really complete without one of my favorites!!!  

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