Friday, September 4, 2015

Favorite Finds Mini Style

I am so glad it's a long weekend and that Eric is off and we'll have a fun stay-cation or get crap done weekend! I always love Fridays because that's when I find our new favorite stuff! Time is flying by and Aden rolled over yesterday and today we recorded him and he's just so fun! Adie has been painting. painting. and painting. Which means clean-up clean-up clean-up but she totally loves it, well more like adding paint to her little cups of water and pouring it out and starting over. I love when our selfies turn out ... well kind of. A little blurry but still worth calling it a family photo! We have been propping up our camera on the car and hoping for the best! I need some pictures of all four of us so I can frame them and put up in our little place!

I love when we check the mail and we get fun stuff instead of hate mail which I call bills! Today I got a couple things I ordered for Aden and Adie insists they are hers before we even open the packages! I love Rad & Happy ... I have a couple of her shirts and am swooning over her quilt blankets! They are more than rad and I insist on buying one for each of my babes so when they grow up its one thing that reminds them of all our forts built, picnics taken, beach days and snuggles! Seriously check her etsy shop out ... you'll die! The pineapple blanket we got today is so super soft and perfect for those beach days and who doesn't love pineapples!

Since Aden is growing up way too fast already and rolling over I found the cutest baby's first book and cannot wait to add all of his big accomplishments in them! I still need to fill out Adie's ... it's been three years! I love when little babies/toddlers are dressed all bundled up, cutest thing ever! So this rock & roll all night tee and peek denim jacket will be perfect for our little stud! Adie constantly needs new shoes I swear and when they are her size everything is stinking so cute and a must! I have a pair of Yosi Samra slip-ons and fell in love with them! They fold up and can be thrown in your purse diaper bag for when you want to dress up but then your feet hurt! I love the black leather lace and the sugar melon for Adie. I always try to get her to wear headbands/bows and she always always rips them out! Then she is constantly wiping the hair out of her face but I came across these cat ears and how perfect for next month!!! and always!!! Hats are the same as headbands/bows but for the brief second I can capture a picture of her wearing either one it's totally worth it! I see a lot of beach days in our future and J.Crew nailed it with this panama hat that will be perfect for those building sandcastle days! I can see Adie rocking these leather leggings all fall/winter long and they are on sale!!!

I also fell in love with these but couldn't find them online but they are in-stores! :) Happy long weekend friends!

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