Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Favorite Finds + Birthday WIshes

It is one fifteen in the morning and I am watching Fast Seven (is anyone else still heart. broken!?!) with Adie sleeping next to me because she didn't want to go to bed. She kept telling me her heart won't sleep, then she was hungry, then she had to tell me she is going to try on a crown, ball gown and slippers for the millionth time! As I look over at her I don't remember that she fought going to bed; I smile thinking of how stinking sweet she was with Aden today and how incredibly lucky I am that I have two pretty dang good kids!

I cannot wait to put together a living space that I want to snuggle my favorites in, watch my favorite shows in (they start next week ... FINALLY), teach Aden to walk in, listen to Adie's stories in and most of all be together has a family of four laughing about the days adventures. My favorite places to shop are Crate and Barrel ... for everything, Pottery Barn ... and kids, West Elm is very modern and so me, and Z Gallerie always has something I want! I have been swooning over these seahorse prints and think they would be perfect in any room really! I am a huge fan of anything beach! Coral pieces bring the ocean feel that I cannot get enough of. They have so many different pieces and even colors to choose from! I want to be able to relax in a living/family room so these pendants can change the mood from chaotic chasing toddlers and kissing babies all day to a little Mommy time!

I love this loveseat and it's totally risking with kids but would definitely snuggle my favorites on it or maybe have a no touch rule, either way I am sold! Two of these chairs in the room would make for the perfect additional seating for when family comes to visit! I always need a side table for my Dr. Pepper and cell phone ... ha! We love pillows at our house, today was a rainy day all day long so we piled all of them in the family room and watched the Croods until Daddy got home! This one is a favorite, love the texture! I want wood floors in every room of the house with soft comfy rugs to go with! I love the color of this one and that coffee table is a must!!!

Monday was my birthday and loved every minute of it. Eric made us breakfast and Adie sang me Happy Birthday! Stinking so cute! I went tanning and got free chapstick which is exactly what I needed!!! Got an hour massage and so want to go back every single day! Ahhh-mazing! Got us ready for dinner at a favorite place ... Cheesecake Factory, does anyone not like it?!? I had to charge my phone twice during the day from checking all the birthday wishes that were blowing up my phone ... so fun! Ate dinner with some friends/family and came back home for more birthday singing and my favorite cheesecake ... the Adam's one! Blew out candles, opened the perfect gifts and snuggled my little stud to sleep was the perfect ending to a fun birthday! I love birthdays and everything that they represent! Cheers to another fun year! And how I got so lucky with a hottie hubby and two beautiful kids is beyond me!!! 

Now I am debating if I take Adie to her bed or let her sleep on the couch!?! Being parents can be exhausting but so worth it!

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