Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Favorite Fall Snacks

A few things we love about fall are the crunchy leaves, pumpkin anything, over-sized comfy sweaters (or staying in our pajamas), crisp fresh air, and comfort food! When I think of comfort food I usually think of snacks and fall always brings out the best snacks! It's always fun this time of year to pick apples and the biggest pumpkins so we will for sure be making those butterfinger apple nachos and I just know Adie will be obsessed with helping! A drizzle hot mess for sure! I love that the weather has cooled off so we can spend more time outside and the change of scenery is the best for everyone, instant mood changer and even better with snacks!

We grabbed our wagon, a few comfy blankets, with some yummy snacks and headed for our usual walk around the yard. The garden is one of Adie's favorite things to go to, she literally can eat gallons of raspberries and she always tries to get me to eat them! I just can't! This year the pumpkins were totally Cinderella approved and hopefully will last until Halloween so we can carve some scary faces! Aden is super chill and comes along for the ride and makes those favorite baby sounds or maybe it's thrill screams when sister pulls him! I cannot wait to try those better than boxed brownies ... we are going on a picnic tomorrow so those will be perfect! Cannot wait to surprise Adie with a fun scavenger hunt and be with my three favorites all afternoon!


  1. I think I gained weight just drooling over all this yumminess. Hugs!

    1. I know, right?! ;) they all look so YUM! xo