Friday, September 25, 2015

An afternoon with Adie

Today and every day is exhausting raising babies but they are so much fun and have the energy of like a case of red bull! Adie has been waking up when Eric does in the morning at 5 o'clock (it' sucks, I know!) and comes in our bed because she wants to "snuggle" but she brings her entire bedroom with her. Pillows, her favorite blanket, she became inseparable from Monkey again so he comes too, snacks from her little kitchen, a few princess little people that I always trip over getting up with Aden, and her cup full of orange juice she has to have! She's ready for a party and I am ready for another ten hours of sleep! While Eric gets ready for work she tells me "Mommy, look Daddy's tooshy. look!" and laughs hysterically! 

I try and spend time with just her while Aden is asleep and Eric gets home and today we waited for him to get home so we can scare him. She is freakishly good at hiding and being quiet, almost too good! She kept telling me "shh Daddy's coming!" We took her little wagon for a trip around the yard where she makes me run fast so she can hang on tight and laugh! She's been carrying monkey around everywhere just like she used to when she first got him from the circus! The other night Eric was cooking chicken in the oven and put the tray right below the broiler and had it on hi which made the fire alarm go off and it's not your usual alarm, it's like a hotel alarm ... Adie is bawling, I take Aden outside because of how loud it is and Adie follows and wont stop crying even after I tell her it's going to be okay, but no we forgot monkey! He's totally fine!

She's beautiful in every way and today she told me she was proud of me for sleeping in my bed the whole night! This by far is my favorite age! :) Happy weekend!

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