Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekend Moments

Life is meant to be lived like weekends! I love that we get to sleep in [not really] spend time together, laugh out loud, and just be. This last weekend was busy and even a terrible three meltdown or two! We got Adie her bike for her birthday and she loves it and hates it too. I laugh so hard when she gets pissed at Eric for helping her because then he gets flabbergasted and we try again for round 54660 with helping her peddle herself! The basket in the front is a must, she shoves everything in that thing. I don't know why she insists on bringing every barbie, every princess and basically her entire bedroom with her everywhere she goes but she does. A total patience tester! So we spent some time outside with her while brother napped. It's nice to let her know she still is our favorite too and spend that quality time with her! 

We have been spending so much time on the back patio since its summer and it'll be gone before we know it. Dance parties are a must, smoothie drinking, listening to our favorite music, getting Aden to smile, and even our at home spa day! I made a little spa day for me and my girl so we could relax you can see more here. It was so fun since she was so into it, and loved putting the flowers in the foot bath. Even though she loves the Avengers she still loves a nice manicure and pedicure! 

We seriously make our favorite smoothies every day! I tried it with chocolate chip ice cream because we ran out of vanilla and it was the worst, even Adie wouldn't drink it, so stick with the recipe and you'll enjoy it every time! Cheers is always necessary when we spend time outside and hearing "Mom watch" 54606891350 times. We spent time outside until Uncle Troy and Jeremy came to play games and Adie insisted on teaching her Uncle to eat since Eric told her that he didn't know how to eat. Seriously so funny listening to her tell him "fork, food in mouth, bowl, fork" while she ate. She loves her Uncles like crazy and won't stop talking about them days later! 

 Before Aden's 2 month appointment we made a quick breakfast stop for the best egg croissant and potatoes! Adie is obsessed with bacon and it's always gone in a matter of seconds. She really is the best big sister. Always making sure Aden is ok, she rubs his soft little face, shoves the binkie in when he cries and says "it's ok" and "shhhhh shhhh shhh" and my heart melts. Aden was awesome for his well visit and the shots are the worst and I even cry! Adie was wild in room number seven and we all made it out ok and it was the shortest visit ever [best part]. Every time I would take Adie to her appointments and she cried and Eric was at work I told him we deserved a shopping day after what we just went through. So we went to Toys-R-Us to pick out a surprise for Adie that Daddy promised her for going to bed while her Uncles were here which really is just bribery at its finest! I picked up the cutest little dragons for out little guy for being so brave! 

We made the best burgers [soon on the blog] everyone needs to make them before summer ends! The smell of BBQ always reminds me of summer and being outside with friends and family! Adie helped me put the burgers on the grill and was obsessed with our palm tree and star ice cubes! And now we are back to making huge messes, still loads of every day laundry, a messy kitchen after making the best steak ever, and getting a few things done while Aden sleeps and Adie has quiet time! 

Aden's Stuff: knot hat | choose happy tee [old] | saguaro pant | sweat pants

Eric's Stuff: fish tee | sweat shorts | jacket

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