Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two Months with Aden

I cannot believe Aden is already TWO months old and we are actually making it work with two little babes! Well most days work and I don't remember the last time I washed my hair or actually got ready! But Adie is happy beating Hulk up wit her magic wand and Aden got a new pair of Freshly Picked Moccs in the mail today so I think that's a success or a big fat win!!!

It has been chaotic and easy at the same time. We are still trying to get a schedule instead of running around looking for pacifiers, opening up the hundredth fruit snack for Adie and trying to get Aden down for his nap [thank gosh he takes them] while Adie runs through the house looking for Joy or having a meltdown because I used her blanket to swaddle brother. I myself need to get on a schedule and welcome my two little babes to it but all I want is sleep and a Dr. Pepper from the Maverik but that is a huge task itself. I would totally go through the drive-thru Chevron [yes! we totally have one] but I am a huge Dr. Pepper snob and I only go there if it's an emergency and if the Maverik caught fire! So for now we wait until Eric gets home and saves at least one of us.

Aden is so much more snuggly than Adie ever was and I love it! I could possibly just hold him forever and dream big for him! I love babies in onesie pajamas and Nordstrom has the softest ones ever. I love these little horse ones that we picked up last week! The Solly Wrap has been a life saver, we wrap him up and head to the pool, take our usual walk around the yard and pick strawberries, a day out shopping and when I need to get stuff done and all he wants to do is cuddle. The Mustela bath oil is amazing! Aden got some sun on one of our trips to Bear Lake and I felt like the worst Mommy ever but this stuff has been a game changer for sure. His skin feels so soft just the way it's supposed to be! We picked up those little dragons after his 2 month well visit and Adie insists on fighting them with her Nintendo Peach but we also try to get more smiles out of Aden with them! And the rockaRoo is not only his favorite nap spot but my life saver when I need a quick moment to breath, grab a drink, or hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes! The insert really helps for the newborn stage and it helps snuggle them while they rock! Aden is a pacifier lover and we are always looking for one, or asking Adie where they are [her memory is insane] and they really do help with that few minutes right before he falls asleep! I would love to know what favorite things you've found for your little new babes and how you manage to juggle more than one! Tips, advice and tricks are what we need so let us know! :)

Height: 24 1/2 inches long
Weight: 12 pounds and 1 ounce
Looks: Everyone says he has a little Mommy in him but I think he has Daddy's smile and his easy breezy personality! Lots of new hair, brown-hazel eyes and the cutest little toes! And that double chin!
Style: Living in knotted-hats, choose happy tee and the comfiest sweats!
Personality: Coo's and smiles when you talk to him or when he sees you. Is so laid back and all guy!
Adie Moment: She loves to help feed and burp him and laughs when he actually burps.
Dad Moment: Finally figured out you like to be held belly to belly and you fell asleep
Mommy Moment: Waking up with you in the middle of the night and you're still my sweet little stud. Smiles that make my heart POP!
He likes: Eating his fingers and on occasion his whole fist, being snuggled, comfy pajamas, warm baths and watching sister dance!

Happy Hump Day!

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