Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today I took Adie and Aden to the splash pad with our friends and she is a freaking blast! After painting her nails of course and watching Mulan so I could clean up our little mess and get myself and Aden ready to go. Getting out of the house is a must but holy crap is it work now with two. I felt pretty confident packing everything we needed in our diaper bag but forgot Adie's shoes in the garage. It'll probably always be something at least today it wasn't the babes. Oh and I locked them in the car both in their car-seats and was about to have a meltdown when Adie was so excited she unlocked the door for me! Hashtag fail or am I the only one?! Bless her little sweet self! 

Splash pads are the best babysitters while you get to somewhat relax and make sure no one bullies your babes. I could watch Adie run and laugh through the water for hours and even days. She was so fun and would literally stick her face in the water and run and scream and yell "again! again!"  I love when she has such a good time even when her feet are on fire playing on the playground. We grabbed lunch at Cafe Rio which I think I have had every day this week and so not complaining. Adie and her cute little friend Peyton ate, danced and of course refills! Nothing helps the stay at home mom soul like getting out and talking to people! Thanks Natalia for hanging out with us today!!! We love your guts and splash pads and not to mention those killer tan lines!

After another rounds of paint my nails, snuggles with Aden, a little Mom time tanning and a Target run my little family is asleep and I so should be too. I plan on taking Adie and Aden to the hot air balloons in the morning. Fingers crossed it's not a nightmare to get out the door and we don't forget shoes! Happy almost weekend! Cheers!

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