Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shots From the Weekend

A ton of shots from the weekend that went by way too fast! Adie hasn't been sleeping through the night [unless she is in our bed] so we were up at 5:30 which so is not our usual wake-up time! So we got dressed, fed Aden and headed to see the balloons that launch just down the street from us. Adie was so upset because she couldn't ride in them, try explaining that to a three year old! I love her sense of adventure though! Wanted to head to our favorite breakfast spot but juggling two kids in the busy wait was not ideal for me so we made a quick stop at Maverik and made breakfast at home followed by Mulan which I have now seen a thousand times. Adie crashed in the beginning and then I snuggled with Aden and we all took a much deserved nap! I love naps! 

My fun Mother-in-Law bought us tickets to go see Kelly Clarkson and I totally acted like a teenager! Such a fun concert and she is hilarious and ridiculously talented! A couple of her songs made my heart feel funny with a few tears even, but totally perfect! Her opening acts I haven't heard of but glad I got to hear them sing because they too rocked! The worst part was getting home to our two little babes, traffic is the worst! As much as I missed them it was so fun to get out and dance with my guy the crowd!

Sundays we usually make it to church but since Aden is still so new we have been relaxing at home. Adie is obsessed with coloring and not just on paper. Her arms she says are tattoos like her Uncle Keith and her little princess dolls all needed make-up and their nails painted. She makes me crazy sometimes but I love her sense of adventure. Aden is an angel baby for sure, he loves to be rocked in his little rockaRoo and listening to Adie say rockaRoo is the best! We made our favorite smoothies and waffles for breakfast which we have to eat outside since it's been so nice. Not too hot and not cold at all. After Aden's nap we were back outside to wear off some some of Adie's energy and make dinner, lately I feel like I live in the kitchen because I have been to Cafe Rio one too many hundred times. But we made one of the best steaks ever and tried stuffed peppers that are my new favorite. I love that my little babes is all about cheers, every meal should start out with a little clink of the glasses. 

I probably pick these little people up  million times a day. Her and her entire army of thirty and it's really a full time job but Adie loves them ... so does Eric. The other night she had all of them on her nightstand and some of her princesses and had to literally hug and kiss every single one of them! Longest bedtime routine ever especially when you're exhausted from the chaotic day. The pool has been the funnest this summer, between play-dates and afternoon jumps off the diving-board it really rocks your kids and they sleep like baby angels! I got Adie a new swimsuit when I was in the mist of finding one for myself, and I am in love! Albion fit at City Creek has the cutest suits and the quality is perfection. LOVE IT! Relaxed at the pool for a quick five minutes and smoothie before we BBQ'd some burgers with friends. I love that Aden is such a snuggle monster and he gets so sad when Adie splashes him from her jumps in the pool. His little lip gets so far down, so sad and so cute at the same time. My twin told me about Sally Hansen's new gel nail polish and I love it. Being a Mommy tends to leave those manicures to be done very last and so overdue that you just stay home. But this polish dries super fast and you don't need a light to set the perfect color. A total must try!!! 

Hope you guys are having a fun week, I am trying to do laundry, pack and keep Princess Sofia on repeat long enough to make sure I don't forget anything for the lake this weekend! 


  1. Your kids are gorgeous! And I love these pics, I have been following you for a while...and I love all the color and how positive your posts are. I had to comment, because I recognized a "Splatoon" figure, my son has those too! :) You need to do a home tour, your home looks beautiful!!

    1. Awe thank you Patti!!! Splatoons have to stick together, right!!? xo