Monday, August 3, 2015

Prettiest Way to Relax

It is nearly impossible to get out for a pedicure with a toddler and a newborn so we decided to create our own relaxing pedicure for me and my babes! Pedicures are so stinking relaxing until I laugh or try to hold back my laugh when they scrub my feet and try my hardest not to kick them in the face. So an at home spa day moment was exactly what we needed after a week of play-dates, a few meltdowns, loads of never ending laundry and one too many trips to the Maverik. This seriously is the easiest and prettiest way to relax even if your little ones are running around but so much more fun having them help. Adie loved putting the flowers in and told me: "This is fun Mommy!" and now its a must for us to spend that time together and relax! Adding some flowers to your foot bath is such an easy and totally inexpensive way to to get that luxury feel right at home. 

What you'll need: 
1 gallon of hot water, 5 chamomile tea bags, 4-6 drops essential oil of lavender and fresh flower petals! 

Luxury at home instructions: 
1. Pour hot water into a small tub or bucket big enough for your feet. Add tea bags, and steep for about 10 minutes. 2. Add essential oil and fresh flower petals, then test the water to make sure it's not too hot. 3. Soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Towel-dry, then massage in a favorite lotion. 

The chamomile tea can also help scrapes and scratches heal which is perfect since our little babes insists on being barefoot everywhere! It also neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, and lavender oil moisturizes as it relaxes tense muscles! Not to mention this pedicure smells amazing, you'll want one every day! Win win for both of us! Every time we end up at Target Adie always finds the nail polish and insists on picking out a color and I totally give in! Her favorite colors have been Need Sunglasses? and Shorts Story. I always love a good red or pink color but sometimes a good tropical color gets me feeling like summer! 

So we set things up outside for a better view [we get stir crazy inside] and it was cloudy and perfect! Grabbed our favorite summer drinks and laughed and had plenty of girl talk, Adie of course loved to splash and play with the flowers! Brought our favorite little speaker that bluetooths to our favorite Taylor Swift songs and watched the clouds bring in a summer storm. Sipped our lemonade and laughed as I listened to Adie's funny stories about hulk, barbie and princesses! She seriously is such a blast and I count my lucky stars every night that she's my girl!

 So give your tired, achy feet a refreshing foot soak right at home! This would make a fun girl's night/day out or even Mother's Day for all the Mommas in your life! Hope you guys had the best weekend. Adie is on her second princess movie and Aden is making the cutest noises while he sleeps after his 2 month Doctor's visit today! and Eric is taking a nap so the quiet time is perfect before we grill some stuffed burgers for dinner and start our week! Happy Monday!

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