Saturday, August 29, 2015

Favorite Finds Fall Style

Today was busy, started at twelve thirty last night when Adie wanted orange juice, Aden waking up at three thirty for his usual bottle and Eric getting ready for work at five! But we made it (on-time! hashtag nailed it!) to a fun birthday party at a jump and bounce place where kids were screaming every where and the pizza wasn't bad at all! Two slices later, cupcakes, and a happy birthday we are home and my two guys are sleeping while Adie watches her new favorite movie Big Hero 6 and I am finally getting this post finished so the weekend can begin! 

Last week we made it to church on time in my new favorite ever skirt!!!! I seriously could wear this every day ... even if I stay home all day! The perfect amount of girly and not to mention the shoes! I love wedges and these ones are super comfy and I love the peep toe! The girl at Nordstrom was so right!! 

I love when the circus comes to town and this year we will get to take both of our little favorites! We bought Adie a monkey the first time she went and they became insist bff's and inseparable! So it will be fun to see what makes Aden laugh and make sure we bring it home! I might be a little excited for fall and bundling up my little babes and drinking lots of hot chocolate! But still hanging on to these last few weeks of summer! I love any hair accessory ... from beanies to hair-bows ... they all are a must and are perfect for those back to school outfits and the beginning off fall! Halloween is already everywhere I go and that little skull crew will be perfect to keep Aden festive come October! I came across the stinking cutest little teether for Aden and already bought it and cannot wait for it to come in the mail! Those sunglasses are so fun and perfect for any day that our little guy needs to have something in his mouth besides all of his fingers. He has been drooling for days and I so do not want a tooth to be on its way because then that means they aren't babies anymore! He's already three months old today and it feels like he's been with us our whole entire lives ... he's perfect and was so meant for our family! I have been picking up dinosaurs for Aden to play with when he gets older and that t-rex is a must!!! They have remote control ones too ... never thought I would find little boy toys awesome! Oh and Adie is totally bribing me with cuteness and up past her bedtime and saw the little apple purse which she thinks is a necklace and now wants it! So cute!

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