Monday, August 17, 2015


 Happy Monday guys! As summer begins to wind down, a last minute getaway or escape for some fun in the sun is an absolute must! However, we know all too well packing for these trips is the last thing you want to do and sometimes with a little one or two there can be a lot of stuff, but space is often limited. Fortunately, Mustela®, Europe’s leading baby skincare brand, makes packing stress-free with these travel friendly and multi-purpose must-haves so you can spend more time relaxing:

Mustela® Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen Stick: This stick can be easily thrown in any bag (beach, pool or purse!) for reapplications throughout the day and it is great to make sure that areas like you and your little one’s nose and ears are protected from the sun.
Mustela® Facial Cleansing Cloths: These easy to close wipes are a perfect to pack if you are headed on a plane—they don’t count towards that pesky 3oz rule. A great way to refresh in-flight or cool down at the beach or pool, they feature gentle surfactants that cleanse without stripping the natural oils of skin, while allantoin and aloe vera leaf extract soften, soothe and moisturize.
Mustela® 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash: In order to cut down on products you need to pack for your little one, try one that does double duty. This soap-free formula gently cleanses the body and hair by preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film to leave skin feeling soft and smooth and won’t add bulk to an already packed suitcase!

This dress is the most comfy dress ever! I love it and it's a great piece that will transition into fall with cute boots and a fun jacket! So everyone needs it and you can get it here: and thank me later!!! Escape bag at Urban Outfitters.

We went to the beach where Adie insisted on bringing her Barbies and putting them in the lake and burring them in the sand. Bringing Aden to the beach always makes me a little stressed out because I don't want him sunburned or covered in sand being two months young. But with Mustela's sunscreens stick and cleansing cloths I could actually relax. She shook her beach towel which sand covered him and those wipes were perfect to keep his little face clean followed by the 5606356 sunscreen application to prevent sunburns! I love how small and easy it is to carry it with you wherever you go. It came with us on the beach, the boat and to the shake shacks!  Adie was in love with applying it all by herself; it's just like her chapstick obsession and she applied it every five minutes and her face was consistently covered and white. By far my favorite beach accessory!

We went on jet ski rides, did some paddle boarding which Adie rocked and insisted she do it so she came along! Spending the day at the beach followed by a few shakes makes for a perfect day one escape. We went to Zipz [my new favorite shake stop] and grabbed our favorite flavors. Adie always wants a peach shake but never eats it. 

We picked up a couple of cute hats at Zipz and went for another day on the boat with my little favorites. I was worried about Aden being on the boat but after Grandpa found him the cutest little life jacket I relaxed a little and even more so after how well he did on the boat. Kept him covered with Mustella's Sunscreen Stick once I stole it back from Adie. I cannot believe how much she loves the tube! I went on a ride with her and she kept yelling faster and I kept thinking to myself hell no slow down but she was having a freaking blast. We ate lunch on the boat and headed back out for some attempts at wake-boarding and I make one heck of a flag girl! Ha! 

Our last day was filled with clouds and early morning thunderstorms so we went exploring instead of being out on the lake. We went to Minnetonka Cave while we carried both kids for an hour and a half of cool weather and some pretty cool sites. Saw a few bats and Adie the entire time kept "shhhhhing" everyone because the bear was sleeping! I cannot believe that summer is almost over and everything is back to school right now. I want another three months at least of sunshine days and summer nights! Hope you guys have been on some last minute summer escapes before school starts!

Thank you Mustela for making this post more fun and all opinions are my own even though Adie loved it!

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