Thursday, August 20, 2015

After School Snacks

I cannot believe that it is already August actually mid August and back to school! I love all of the new arrivals at our favorite stores and of course spending way too much time on Pinterest to find our favorite snacks for after school. And in our case ... after nap-time snacks! I love trying new snacks out with Adie since right now she is picky and only wants fruit snacks or orange juice. I gathered a few of our favorite snacks for any time your little ones are a bit hungry and its not dinner time just yet. 

We love a good snack at our house and some of these have become a favorite and others I cannot wait to try! Adie is obsessed with picking fresh fruit from the garden and raspberries are like peanut M&M's for me, cannot get enough! I love a good popcorn and movie on a Friday night after a busy week of play-dates, wrestling, building tents, 5839539 episodes of Princess Sofia and being adventurous outside! We love dipping everything in ranch especially chicken nuggets from Chic-fil-A [Adie yells "wanch, wanch, WANCH"! as we are try and order through the drive-thru, hilarious] so we will have to try the ranch popcorn! All summer we have been making our favorite smoothie and really could have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Not to mention a fun by the pool drink! I do not want summer to end!!!

Adie doesn't refuses to eat any greens! So I am going to try this green smoothie and tell her Hulk loves it and so will you! :) Anything to get her to eat some healthy greens! I think kids like food when they are in some sort of fun way! We love any kind of spicy turkey for lunches but Adie pushes it away and says "Yicky!" She has never tried it and I don't know how kids know when to say yuck and now I so know what my Ma went through with us! Torture! We don't ever buy chips at our house but when we do for a fun canyon BBQ or something Adie is a wood chipper and wont stop eating them! So those baked apple chips will be a for sure favorite from Deliciously Sprinkled! Everyone loves pizza and I cannot wait to try those this weekend with a fun smoothie! For sure a great way to kick start the weekend!

Freezer Fruit Treats | Trend Hunter
Pizza Roll-ups | Made from Pinterest

When all else fails grab a popsicle and head outside! Happy almost Friday! Yay!

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