Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekending with my Favorites

This weekend was such a fun busy one! I needed some girl time with my Adie babes so we went to see the movie Inside Out and it was so stinking cute! She loves Joy and that rocks my world because I think Adie is so full of happiness that it's fitting! We got popcorn, candy, sodas and had the best girl's night out! She is getting so big that I hope she always wants to hang out with her Mommy! We went to Target looking for Joy and couldn't find anything so we left with a mermaid Barbie who has already been in the pool and bathtub! I thought it would be fun to take things outside since we tend to be inside more now hanging out with Aden. So we lit sparklers and laughed the entire time! The only bad thing about them is that they don't sparkle forever and Adie kept saying "gin gin Mommy"! 

Saturdays while Eric is at work we lounge around and read stories and build forts! By then I don't even care about the mess or that I haven't showered we just look forward to Dad coming home and rescuing all of us! I love how Adie is on board in doing fun stuff with Aden and how much she shows her love for him! She always wants to be right next to him, tells him it's ok when he cries and makes sure she shoves his binkie in her purse whenever we make it out of the house! We made our usual favorite smoothie and spent a couple hours outside to run off all of her crazy energy! Used my new instax fuji camera and LOVE it a million times over! 

Jack had a family reunion over at our place and he made a train his wife insisted Adie ride which then she insisted I ride it with her! :) so fun which makes me so excited for the fair to come to town so we can go on the fun rides again and laugh our butts off! So they dragged us around the yard and it was like we were both kids for sure! Her laugh is so contagious! She's been carrying her Barbie dolls around now instead of Hulk and Captain America which makes this Momma happy! I thought for awhile it was all Avengers and my little girly girl was gone but she's just a little bit of both and it's perfect! 

We finally made it to the canyon for a BBQ and we need to do this 546136 more times before summer is over! It's so fun to be outside with friends/family and grilling your favorite food and of course s'mores! I tried a stuffed pepper and fell in love with them and can't wait to use Eric's little pepper griller we got him for Father's Day! Threw rocks, ate a hundred marshmallows, burned a hundred marshmallows, saw a skunk way to close, and it was Aden's first canyon BBQ and he rocked it! This was one of the best weekends of the summer and it's just getting better! 

Hope you guys had a fun weekend and I am already ready for the next weekend!

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