Friday, July 17, 2015

TGIF + Favorite Finds

Today was such a fun mail day! I got my camera I ordered from Amazon Prime Day and can't wait to capture the perfect moment with it! Mustela sent us some new amazing baby products and I cannot wait to share it with you guys! We have been busy getting our little place back to normal after being on a 'mini vaca' for the last three weeks and trying to figure out a routine for the three of us during the day! Aden has been sleeping a little more and more each night and I kiss him so much when he wakes up as a big thank you! He is changing so much every day and next week he will be two months young already! Adie is still full blast full of energy throughout the day so I have been trying all the tricks to keep her entertained! We lit a few sparklers and she was in sparkle heaven and it was the funnest watching her! Her excitement for the little things still melts my heart and brings me back to having fun!

I love Fridays and finding favorite things we must have or already have! Peek Kids has new arrivals that I am obsessed with right now and will be packing up the two babes for the first time and making a trip to the mall! Wish us luck! :) Nordstrom is still having their Anniversary Sale and I can always. always find something we need! Found a few new shops on etsy and cannot get over the cuteness that I can dress Aden in right now! That little hotrod wooden car is so stinking cute and I can just see him playing with that for days. Adie today colored all over her arms and said she was like her Uncle Keith who has tattoos on his arms. I didn't know if I should be upset or laugh out loud! We take things around here lightly, it totally washed off ! Hashtag mom life! But the temporary tattoos would be so fun to play with and the palm tree one is my favorite one!

Hope you guys have a fun weekend!

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