Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Overnight Mini Vacation

I celebrated five years kissing my guy this Sunday and we went to the Grand America and now I am hooked and just want to be there every weekend or even just move in! Best part is room service 24/7 and the pool was a must! It was so nice to get away even just overnight with Eric and be boyfriend and girlfriend ;) all over again! I totally missed Adie and Aden but knew they were having a blast with Papa and Grandma! We went to the Cheesecake Factory late and went to see Ant Man which I totally fell asleep only through some of it!

We woke up relaxed a little bit and found the must have office in a magazine and the best reminder! You are what you listen to! Headed to the pool where the nicest lady brought us waters right as we sat down, it was a little windy but completely relaxing. We walked around and went into the cutest little toy shop ever! Candy, toy planes, stuffed animals and the cutest fluffiest dresses ever and I wanted to get all of it! I could literally stay there for a week or month even. Ha! I think birthdays should be spent at the Grand America and a day at the spa would make it perfect with my three favorites! Hope you guys had a fun weekend, we're back to piles of laundry, dance parties and snuggles!

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