Friday, July 31, 2015

Like A Boss + Favorite Finds

TGIF which really means just another day we survived with meltdowns, poopy diapers and the occasional we ran out of Dr. Pepper but thank gosh Daddy gets home with Chick-fil-A and saves all of us! I'm so glad Aden let's me take pictures of him, I bribe Adie with fruit snacks. We have been busy playing with friends all week and getting tan lines that will last for months! Adie is so fun when she plays, she runs and jumps in the pool as she screeaaaams, totally takes charge of the princess goldfish even if we didn't buy them, wants everyone to go down the slide just like her and not to mention drinks a smoothie like a boss and even steals a little extra from her friends! Hashtag she owns summer. And Aden owns sleeping ... like a boss he sleeps from about 10 o'clock to 5 in the am and I cannot kiss him enough when he wakes up! By far my favorite stud ever!!!

Adie's cute little friends from dance brought her the cutest princess doll for her birthday and she named her Hulk, of course! She is stinking so cute and hasn't left her side since! I am dying over those cute little beetle cars for the tub and thank goodness they have a pink one just for our girl! Aden really is like the best baby ever and the onesie is exactly what he needs to wear like every day! I have a love/hate relationship with these DB sunglasses ... I think that will be my next big splurge those and this fun pink flamingo pool float before summer ends!

Happy Weekend

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