Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 30th @ Bear Lake

We have been going to Bear Lake now for the past few years/ever since Adie was 2 months old! The lake is absolutely beautiful, so stinking blue and you can see through it. Huge win! I was a little bummed about spending Adie's actual birthday on the beach but now looking back I wouldn't have changed it for anything! Adie loves everything about the water, jet skies, tubing and just being outdoors and I love that so much about her! She really can have the best time anywhere and I need to remember that myself. Aden got too much sun so I hung out at the cabin while everyone went for a ATV ride and let's be honest since one rolled on top of me last year I am a little hesitant to jump back on one, just not any time soon! 

Everyone came back a hot mess and I died when I saw Adie and Eric! We made our favorite smoothies and the blendtec blenders are freaking awesome :) makes your smoothie so smooth and frothy! Adie totally dumped hers on the floor which then mine was now hers! The weather was perfect so we spent some time on the patio and I am so glad my Dad, Ma and brother could come play! 

Every day we went into town and ordered shakes which I could totally have two every day! Bear Lake is known for their raspberry shakes which I have yet to try, Adie even tries to get me to eat raspberries from the garden and I just can't! But the chocolate chip shakes are my favorite and Adie always wanted a peach shake and maybe ate a bite and then it was dance moves for everyone! We drove down to Eric's favorite spot and ordered burgers and shakes to celebrate Adie's birthday! Turning three at Bear Lake will be a fun memory for her to always have! I brought cupcakes and party hats for everyone a few candles to blow out! She loves when we sing Happy Birthday t her, her face lights up and it melts my heart!

 Uncle Troy always calls on her birthday and wishes her Happy Birthday and its the funnest! She is so loved by lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents and of course her new baby brother! I cannot wait to see them grow up together and be best of friends! She already adores him and wants to take pictures with him all day long! Spending her birthday with family was the one of the best birthdays yet, they just keep getting better and better! We have a couple more weekend getaways planned to Bear Lake this summer and love that we have such a fun cabin to make the best summer memories! I am looking forward to actually getting in the water and having a few huge laughs with Adie on the tube!

We love you to the moon and back Adie babes and Mommy is so lucky to have you as my daughter!

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