Monday, July 20, 2015

Bath Time with Mustela

Mondays are still part of our weekend since Eric is off and I totally take advantage of him being home and relaxing getting things done. Laundry, dishes, going to our favorite breakfast spot, picking up spilled popcorn 504681 times and taking a nap with my little stud! Bath time is sometimes chaotic but it's my total favorite time of the night mainly because it means bedtime is shortly after :) and then I miss my two favorites and want to wake them up! 

I am a huge fan of Mustela and what all of their products do for my two little babes. Their NEW! Bath Oil is by far my most favorite for Aden and I cannot love it enough! So many benefits like Avocado Perseose which is a natural, patented active ingredient that reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the skin's cellular resources which really means it keeps your baby's skin super soft just the way we love to snuggle them! And a blend of sesame, chamomile and corn oils to restore, soothe and strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin to prevent dehydration. The bath oil cleanses, nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin during bath time and a total must for our bath routine! Just pour a cap-full of oil into the tub and let Mustela do the rest!

It made Aden's skin so soft and smooth and not to mention he smells so scrumptious! I also love how easy it is, pour a cap-full or two in the tub and let them splash around and follow up with Mustela's Hydra Bebe Body Lotion that provides immediate and lasting hydration for your babies and newborns!

I ordered this 4moms infant tub on Amazon's Prime Day and insist everyone go out and get one too! Clean water flows in and dirty water flows out which is perfect for our little stud! Adie helped me give him a bath tonight and started yelling "Mommy! Baby Aden pee ... laughing ... Mommy he pee!" so I love that the dirty water flows out and that fresh water kept flowing to keep him clean! 

I ordered him a new hat and the cutest pants that came in the mail today and just died over how cute they are! I just love him in beanies and he totally rocks the look! Eric doesn't get it but he didn't get the big bows for Adie either! But I love how she is so stinking helpful and the love she has for her little baby brother! Truly melts my heart and I swear moments like these it will totally POP! Just love my two favorites and I don't think they will ever know just how much! Hope you guys had the funnest weekend and ate lots of ice cream on #nationalicecreamday! 

knot hat | one piece Nordstrom in store similar here

Thank you Mustela for making this post possible ... all opinions are mine and of course Adie's!

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