Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baby Number Two Favorites

We already miss Grandma, we dropped her off at the airport yesterday and Adie says "pick up Nana again" as we were leaving the airport! We're going to miss the morning surprises, Dr. Pepper/Maverik runs and I will for sure miss being able trying to get a nap! Nothing is better than getting help from your Mom and she rocked it and we can't thank her enough! We love your guts Nana! #muah

Aden is almost two months old [OMG!] and I have found a few things this time around that I absolutely love and kind of wished I had with Adie too! It almost makes me want to have another baby so we can use all of it again! ;) ... almost! 

 I am in love with putting Aden in beanies and this one is the softest organic cotton ever material and fits perfectly! Her shop is the stinking cutest and I love Etsy and these saguaro print pants are already in my shopping cart! Totally dying!!! I used this Boon Grass with Adie and it got just too big and took up the entire counter so this one is my new favorite! It sits on the window seal and is completely out of the way and holds all of our Tommee Tippee bottles.

I have been nursing and pumping like crazy and making sure I eat everything in sight to keep it up! We have been warming up Aden's bottles in a cup of hot water but that was taking forever and at three am you want instant! I bought a bottle warmer with Adie and never ever used it [it took forever to warm up] and now that I think about it I think we were using it all wrong! I found this one at Wal-Mart for 20 bucks and haven't looked back yet! It is a dream and cut my nighttime routine in half so I can get all the sleep I can get!

 Anyone who has a baby or is expecting needs to invest in a rockaRoo and they just came out with a mamaRoo that moves like you do! When Aden gets big enough this breeze will be a must so I can maybe get some privacy in the bathroom because right now that surely does not exist with Adie! The rockaRoo is so perfect for those few moments you need to grab a snack for your toddler who says mommy 453043 times, when you need a quick Dr. Pepper break and when your arm falls asleep from snuggling your cute little babes for so long! It is so fun to jam out to your favorite music too [we have been rocking Meghan Trainor all day every day] ]or just have a few lullabies for quiet time! Aden loves the little colorful balls, he stares and cues at them and the sweetest smile pops out! I ordered this insert from Nordstrom! you can also get it here and here! Which I hope you are taking huge advantage of the Prime Day Amazon Sale. I am finally grabbing this instax fuji camera I have been wanting for forever now! And this 4moms infant tub and I am so excited to get all of it in TWO DAYS! Sign up for a prime account and start shopping :) 

I love the Aden :) and Anais swaddle blankets! They are perfect for everything; nursing, burping, snuggling and of course swaddling! I bought these ones at our Nordstrom but couldn't find them online and these swaddling cloths my Mamma-in-Law gifted me and I use them for snuggle time! 

We are loving and surviving with two little babes and days I am a hot mess but I would not trade it for anything in the entire world! Happy Hump day and get shopping, so many sales and deals going on right now!


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