Monday, July 13, 2015

Adie's Birthday Brunch Part One

I finally have a few minutes to get Adie's birthday party posted ... finally! while I catch up on the Bachelorette! Hashtag team Shawn! and before I feed our little stud. We have been so busy still with family in town and Adie has been loving all of the attention. Aden is getting used to all of the snuggles and kisses, and like always I am still ready for a nap! Finally going through Adie's birthday party pictures and makes me wish we were still celebrating our little babes! Turning three has been huge, I swear it's not the terrible two's it's most definitely the terrible three's and we are surviving day by day!

This year I decided to have a birthday brunch and keep things simple since our little Aden was only a month old. I asked Adie what kind of party she wanted and she of course said, princess! So first things first with crowns and that stinking cute frog, because every princess goes through enough frogs before she finds her true prince! I just painted him gold and made sure his crown sparkled! I had a few princess crowns already so I used it for fun! Printed little Once Upon a Time flags for her drinks [you can get the recipe here] which everyone loved! Super easy to throw donuts in our favorite glass jars and cut up some different flavored bagels and brunch is done! My all time favorite dip for fruit is strawberry cream cheese blended with that marshmallow puff stuff! Ah-mazing! 

Not to mention I love the new style for cakes and being naked is the best part! I am not a huge frosting lover, whip cream on the other hand is my favorite! I was a little nervous placing the order a couple days before her party but fell in love after my Ma picked it up and I will forever go to Harmon's for any cake plus their chocolate chip cookies are to die for! You can see her cake/cupcakes from last year too here from the same place

I had a few of Adie's favorite things for the kids to do. So we blew bubbles like crazy and had the best water balloon fight and I literally just laughed so much! Adie has a mean shot with those water balloons and she doesn't care who she throws them at she just has the best time! Which I so totally love about her! Turning three has rocked my world and I couldn't imagine my life without her and her happiness and craziness she brings me every single day! Birthdays are my favorite and I want Adie to always know I will celebrate big every year because we wanted her so bad and she has completely stolen my heart and I am so lucky to be her Mommy! I just freaking love birthdays!

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