Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome Home Aden Michael

We are so stinking excited to announce the arrival of our little stud! Aden Michael, born May 29th at 1:01 am. He weighed 8lbs. and 15oz., 20 inches long and is incredibly chubby! He is so sweet and loves to be snuggled and sleep, which is perfect because I never want to let him go! :) I cannot believe how relaxed he is all the time (gets the from Eric) and how much love I already have for him. It's crazy to think you can't love any more after Adie but my heart is bursting with love and happiness!

I went to the hospital after a day full of Cheesecake Factory with a girlfriend and her sweet little babes, grocery shopping, cleaning (like major nesting), shower of course with Adie girl and of course a manicure! All while I had been feeling contractions since 3:30 am when Adie ran into our room yelling moster (monster, which I think she just likes to crawl and snuggle in our bed now!) So I couldn't sleep and timed them ten minutes apart and lasting between 25-30 seconds long so I knew I could at least grab lunch and a few laughs!

I called around eleven o'clock that night letting them know my contractions were now five minutes apart lasting a minute or more, so they told me if I can't walk/talk through my contractions then come in or just come in now. Which to me meant finishing up a few things at home and kissing my sweet Adie babes goodbye and making sure I had everything in my bag for the next couple days! Walked and breathed through a couple contractions to the car and the drive felt like forever squeezing Eric's hand. Parked far from the elevator and finally made it to the nurses station and didn't have time to check in, the nurses could tell I was ready! The first thing I told everyone was I want an epidural and they told me that I might not be able to and that they will hurry getting me hooked up. Thank gosh they worked fast and Eric held my hand through the contractions which were freaking insane! I didn't feel these kinds of contractions with Adie because I was already at the hospital with an epidural long before the time we got to the hospital. I was already dilated to an eight and 10-15 minutes later we heard the sweetest little cry from our guy and I was in tears! They set him on my chest and I instantly fell in love! 

I was a little worried about breastfeeding this time around because it was not so successful with Adie but he latches and nurses really well and I couldn't be more excited! Something about breastfeeding your newborn baby is magical! I could stare at them all day (which it totally feels like it) breastfeeding and letting my heart explode over and over! A week later and he is a complete pro and I still pump between feedings to keep my supply up and stocked in the freezer for those nights Eric gets to bond with him. 

Adie came to the hospital a couple of times and watching her with him is the sweetest thing ever! She always wants to hold him and gives him the sweetest kisses! She says she's his "sistor" (sister) and I die every time! She looks even more grown up and I cannot believe she will be three at the end of the month! Eric and Adie brought me lunch and so we had a picnic and she insisted on sitting next to brother. Watching them together totally makes everything worth it! They have completely stolen my heart and will forever have it! We are still trying to decide who he looks like, I think he looks like Eric and some features are so similar to when Adie was a baby!

Thank you all so much for the kind well wishes, we have been so overwhelmed with love from everyone!!! Excited to have our little Aden home and can't wait to see the adventures of being a family of four! 

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