Saturday, June 13, 2015

Postpartum + Aden Favorites

I cannot believe our little Aden is two weeks old and we actually survived our first week with Daddy back at work. He is seriously our superhero come three o'clock when he gets home and saves Adie from complete boredom. Keeping a toddler entertained is so much harder than a newborn baby! So we will be having tons of play-dates and I cannot wait for my family to be coming to visit to rock her little world and keep her completely entertained! I want to take her to the water park that is close by and capture her excitement and have a little Mommy-Daughter date because I do miss my time with her! I gathered a few things that have literally saved us this last week especially during the nursing and getting sleep schedules handled! 

Zip pajamas have been a life savor in the middle of the night with diapers needing changed nonstop! I think I changed Aden three times in one feeding! He is so all guy, eat sleep and poop! I love these Hannah Andersson zip pajamas! Babies in onesie are about the cutest stinking thing ever and these are no exception! Soft jammies and a cute baby is a win in our books!

Nursing is always the worst when you start out. My toes curl up and a cuss word or two come flying out when he latches on so the Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm has literally made those moments a lot less painful! Since I have been nursing and pumping I have been using the nursing balm religiously because those babies have been put to work! When my milk first came in I was getting punched in the face with how large by boobs were and Eric went out and got this Lansinoh breast pump and it has been my favorite since! Double pump is definitely the way to go!

I have been living in my lulu lemon sports bra which surprisingly is perfect for nursing! The material is super soft and easy to nurse while still having support! I love these slimming nursing tanks too, it helps with getting your body (flat tummy) back! Also with Adie I wore Victoria's Secret Shapewear and it totally helped with getting the pre-pregnancy body back so I will be wearing mine all week since we will be headed to Bear Lake for this Father's Day weekend. Nothing is worse than not feeling like yourself  during pregnancy and after! So this little trick helps! :)

My Ma sent us the rockaRoo and we love it!!!! It is perfect for when Adie needs help in the bathroom or making lunch! Our little stud is a huge snuggler and loves to be held! He only cries when he's hungry and wants to be snuggled! I can totally live with that! I love everything about the rockaRoo, plays music I downloaded on my phone just for him, it has different settings for the swing and best part, Adie totally knows how to use it and helps! She really is the best big sister!

Since I have been breastfeeding and pumping so Eric and Adie can help feed him when I am completely too tired. These Tommee Tippee bottles are my favorite. I used them with Adie and got Aden a new set since hers were pink! Switching between breast and bottle is made super simple with these bottles and Aden loves both! Ha!

Eric teases me all the time because I wanted a Solly Baby Wrap and have heard nothing but the best about them! I tried mine this week and LOVE the freedom it can give you while still be close to your little newborn. This wrap is perfect for our little snuggle guy and being able to play with Adie! The colors are so fun and the fabric is the softest ever! I am in love with them and totally want a few more to match any outfits for this summer! You can throw it in your diaper bag/purse and still have room for everything else you need! Which you can see what we packed in our diaper bag with Adie here!

We Adie has been living in the pool this week and she has the best tan ever and says "I dark" and totally points out that I am white! She has mastered the jump off the edge and is still working on her love/hate relationship with the pool cleaner! It isn't even officially summer yet and I am loving the time spent outside! We have been playing, eating dinners and taking naps outside which is exactly what summer is all about! We sent out Adie's birthday invitations this week and cannot wait to start getting her little party ready! It's so fun celebrating birthdays and she is totally ready for a party and to play with her friends and fun family!!!

Hope you guys are having a fun start to the weekend! We are waiting for our guy to get home so we can start ours! :)

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