Monday, June 1, 2015

After Baby and At Home

I forgot how crazy things are once you get home from the hospital with your new little babes and now with a toddler! This weekend was a quick reminder and I am so thankful I had a few of my favorite products at home so I wasn't crying over that too when I needed them. Mustela has been my new go to this pregnancy and I am loving everything about all of their Mommy products. Their nursing comfort balm has literally. saved. my life. I cannot thank my Hubby enough either for picking out a breast pump this morning when I was crying because my breast milk had been coming in all day/night and all Aden wants to do is sleep. They were freaking HUGE and this balm is perfect for after pumping and feeding your little babes. I love the clean scent and it isn't oily which is huge for me. I hate feeling all greasy and you don't need to wash it off before feedings! 

Before Aden was due I was in full nesting mode and threw a few things I would need every day on my nightstand. The Mustela nursing balm of course was a must, the stretch marks care oil and the stretch mark double action cream I have been using throughout this pregnancy! I love the oil since you can use it after pregnancy on areas that are more prone to stretch marks. Loving everything about the box water and what the company stands for and as always an eos lip balm that Adie always finds and takes as hers.

So obsessed with the top knot beanies for my little stud! 

Thank you Mustela for sponsoring this post!

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