Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Every day seems to busy since our little stud will be here in twenty five days! I am now in get shit done mode and have a get done list a mile long! First thing is getting my hospital bag ready which you can see what I will be taking with me here just in case he arrives before May twenty-ninth! Car seat is second followed by a desperately needed hair appointment! I am so excited to meet our little guy and give him huge kisses! I have been thinking a lot about Adie and how she will have her little world rocked. She made me a Mommy and I have never looked back and want her to always know how much I adore her and love her! I plan on having a few little surprises for when she comes to meet her baby brother so she feels just as special! I am still kind of going crazy about being a family of four in less than a month ... insane yet so ready! 

This weekend was fun as we spent it together as a family of three still! We went to a little pop-up shop at our new favorite store West Elm and Adie loved the cookies and I wanted everything in there. We celebrated our little guy with friends and it is exactly what I needed and Adie too! And I fell in love with strawberries and finally got over the texture and haven't looked back! Laughing seriously cures everything and so does really good friends. Adie has been obsessed with the Avengers so we promised her if she was a good girl we would take her to the movie! She was saying "Mommy, good girl!" a million times throughout the day and so popcorn and the world's biggest soda was hers! I think I missed half the movie watching her cute self watching Hulk and laughing at the movie! 

Hope you guys had the funnest weekend!

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