Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Twenty Musts for Summer

The rain has finally stopped long enough for us to be outside so we decided to have a picnic and it is Adie's favorite thing ever. Being able to run wild while eating and letting the air breeze through your hair is like magic to a kid I swear! She is stinking fun until about 5:30 in the evening if naps were nonexistent and she's out of orange juice! Nothing is better than summer and everything that comes with it! I love the sunshine, the long days and working on a few tan lines!  We have two and a half weeks until our little stud gets here and I am at the point where I do not want to do ANYTHING! Well, besides eat strawberries dipped in marshmallow puff that is making the scale at the doctor's jump drastically each week! But it was a nice change to eat dinner picnic style in the backyard minus the bugs and trying to get up off the grass. So I gathered a few musts for this summer since last summer was filled with ER visits, ICU for three days, surgery, and a whole lot of pain meds and a few set backs that soaked up the summer! This summer is going to be the best yet!

Love all of the things that you can do outside, the nights are long so you can really get a lot of fun stuff squished into your day, especially with a toddler. I am all about learning how to surf since that would have me on the beach and I am dying to get my feet in the sand again! Nothing was more fun than my last birthday taking Adie to the fair and laughing our heads off. We went on every ride we could and I seriously loved it and could take her there every day!  I have been seeing so many yummy summer treats o Pinterest and those popsicles will be very popular this summer! Cannot wait to be eating them by the pool with my favorites. I am all about getting a healthy body after our little stud gets here and I want to take yoga since it does more for you than give you a toned body! I know I am going to need the mental clarity with two little ones!

My new favorite place is Blue Lemon and I am totally all about dragging my friends there so I can eat my southwest flat bread and share the chocolate cake so I don't feel like a total pig! After having another baby and getting back into shape I think a spa day is an absolute must and I would totally treat myself! Nothing beats a great massage and a couple of hours by yourself since these days I can't even manage a shower without Adie! Have I mentioned how I will be living by the pool and a huge pink flamingo will be in the pool?! Makes everything more fun! I just know Adie will love the beach this summer again and how fun to bring a kite with! I am guessing she'd pick either a Hulk, Iron Man or Princess Sofia one. My girl who picks out her own nail polish and a Captain America toothbrush all in the same day! The best combo ever!

We really didn't get much done last year besides a lot of rest after my accident so we are filling up the days! Camping is always fun especially with family! It seems like time is slower when you camp and I am so ok with that. I love hammocks and how relaxing they are and with a summer drink how could you go wrong!?  These drinks we made yesterday are my new favorite for summer! I have always wanted a beach cruiser even though the beach is 750 miles away but would rock it around the park a few times! Number nineteen will have to be a must this summer for Adie especially when my family comes to visit for her birthday! And nothing is better than number twenty to make the best summer!

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