Thursday, May 21, 2015

Turning Three

I cannot believe we only have a week until baby brother gets here and this little girl of mine turns three next month! She has been giving me a run for my money and trying to keep up with her is exhausting and I cannot wait to be able to chase her without needing a break and a Dr. Pepper! She has been so full of independence lately, I have to sneak pictures of her and she has surprised me so much! I just stinking love her little guts and how she loves Princess Sofia every morning and pretends to be Iron Man, Hulk and still insists brother's name is going to be Hawk Eye. For the last week she has insisted on sleeping with the light on and makes you read five stories over and over while she is hiding under the covers asking for orange juice. She's wild and I wouldn't want it any other way! I am totally wiped out by the end of the day and when she is finally asleep having pretty dreams all I want to do is sneak in and snuggle her! My favorite girl in the entire world!

Last year for Adie's birthday I came across Paper Street Press who designed the stinking cutest invites for her party and this year is no different! We are having a brunch this year and Adie picked a princess theme and I cannot wait to celebrate her! Brother Hawk Eye will be here, it'll be summer and we get to be surrounded by friends and family who just love her guts! I love birthdays and everything they represent and a good party is never a bad thing! You can see our princess birthday plans here simple yet still a party! We have had so much rain this May and I cannot wait for the sunshine and the summer parties! 

This week has been busy as ever and I think it is just getting me ready for two little ones and I always love a good mail day! Got my Solly Baby Wrap that I cannot wait to snuggle our little stud in! The car-seat is ready and my hospital bag I ordered is on back order and I am dying to get it ... so fingers crossed it totally get here in time! I feel like I could totally be ready to welcome a new baby but then I always add something to the list and then I realize these are the days of our lives! So we eat cookies to forget and remember there is always tomorrow! 

Happy almost weekend!

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