Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sunny Styles For Me + Her

I am ready for sunny days, tan lines and memories that outlast both! I am swooning over everything for this summer! We have just two short weeks until we get to meet our little stud and I am ready for pool days with my three favorites. Enjoying our summer drinks, barbecues, the smell of sunscreen with friends and family! I am so anxious and nervous to meet our little stud but cannot freaking wait.

I love using a dress as a cover-up and that embellished dress is my favorite ever. Summer-time we always need a whole new wardrobe and I am totally okay with everything that screams summer. Flamingos are still my favorite ever [you can see our style crush here] and that giant flamingo for the pool is seriously a freaking must! I can see many lazy afternoons floating in the pool on that baby with a summer drink and watching my little Adie babes splash and laugh until the sun goes down!

Everything styled for me I want in my closet waiting for me when we get home from the hospital. I have fallen in love with my birks and need them in every awesome color I can find and these pinks ones are by far the biggest must ever. I have a summer's crush on one-pieces and the holly swimsuit from Rad Swim is so simple and yet so girly. I need a great pair of sunglasses and I think I found them. Love how you can keep the sun out in style and not worry about your little babes braking them. The pocket tunic from Victoria's Secret is perfect to throw on over any suit to keep you from getting too much sun and just relaxing by the pool. I just love summer and everything that comes with it.

For Her:
embellished dressmetallic crossback dress | capri leggings | inflatable flamingoflamingo swimsuit |
rash guard | striped tankini | athletic short | birkenstock sandals

For Me:
sunnylife radio | ruffled swimsuit | holly swimsuit | floppy felt hat |
DB sunglasses | birkenstock sandal | pocket tunic

Can't have a post without my little girl who totally brought a new meaning to dance class today and the terrible twos. She is so full of life and sass that being thirty-eight weeks pregnant I cannot keep up with. She is so my girl and I cannot wait to see her be a big sister to her little brother who now is named Hawk Eye from the Avengers. We even painted her nails green that she says looks like Hulk. My little Barbie/Avengers lover has truly brought this Mamma complete happiness that I will never ever begin to be able to describe even on days where all I want to do is crawl back in bed and dream of summer! Cheers to being the weekend and a little more shopping.

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