Friday, May 1, 2015

Friends and Birthday Wishes

Adie's birthday will be here in 59 days 7 hours 45 minutes and 16 seconds which really means next week with everything going on and little brother coming at the end of the month! I cannot wait to send out her stinking cute invites and throw her a birthday party just for her! She has been nonstop talking about it, that and the Avengers which is why Hulk made it to her birthday wish list. She is so obsessed with Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America which she calls blue guy! Needless to say we have a movie date tomorrow night with the Avengers and her favorite Uncles! She wants popcorn, drinks and to sit between me and Eric and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night!

I love that her birthday is during the summer because everything is so much more fun being outside with your friends running around and opening presents. It is going to be really hard to top Adie's birthday last year [you can see the celebration here]. It was seriously the best time ever and this year little brother will get to help celebrate which I am so looking forward to! We spend a lot of time at the pool during the summer and now that Eric's schedule is different and gets off at 2:30 we will be living in the pool and we cannot have too many suits for those sunny days! Not to mention the under water camera will be a huge blast capturing little kicks and bubbles. I am dying to get Adie girl that pink radio flyer bike and not to mention adding a little basket so she can carry all of her friends with her including Hulk! 

Nothing is cuter than watching Adie make friends and have play dates! We went to the park after dance class with a couple of her dance girls and it's exactly what she needed and me too. Adie totally rocked the playground and stood up to all the boys and even got drenched from the water fountain! Hopefully this is the start of such a fun friendship for these cute little babes! They are all too stinking cute in dance and on the playground. 

I have found a new restaurant I want to eat at every. single. day! One so I don't have to cook and two it is seriously so delicious! At first I was a little nervous and intimidated by the menu but found the best thing! Pure clean food with a twist is exactly right at the Blue Lemon and you guys will have to try it if you ever come to Salt Lake and totally invite us! :) You have to try the southwest flatbread which I am all about these days and this one is no different with the pork and southwest sauce! It's making me want to go back already and snag another piece of that perfectly moist chocolate cake perfect for any pregnant Mommy! 

Cheers to the warm weekend and a baby shower celebrating our little stud!

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