Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seaworthy Style

Right now I am all about these seaworthy shades. In tones that range from light and cool to deeply moody [which totally sounds like my personality as of late], my favorite blues capture the essence of the Mediterranean! And after today I cannot wait to be a beach bum with sand everywhere and my two little babes getting sun-kissed with my hubby capturing every minute of the best days! The color code of the ocean is completely calming and relaxing and I have been dreaming of summer days at the beach and it will be worth the wild ride to get there!

It seems like I am always drawn to anything beach style and color! It's my color code of choice for everything so I gathered a few things that my two little babes would look completely beachy in this summer! I am loving rompers for both girls and boys and how lucky am I to be having both! I now shop the entire store when I go into our favorites which is more fun because I always would look at the boys section and think 'if I had a little boy" he would rock this and that and now he will! :) I cannot wait to see Adie's and Little Stud's connection and how they will be each others best friends! [they will right?!] I love pairing skirts with sneakers and last summer I bought Adie a pair of birkenstocks and totally. worth. every. cent. So this year she will be slipping some on so we can adventure outside and not to mention with a little newborn how easy it will make getting ready! Number seven is actually for you Mommies, I couldn't help it! A summer pool must! Number 3 will make the perfect little Forth of July outfit for him and we'll have to find something fun for our girl, maybe in red! Forth of July is a huge thing at our house! Cannot wait for this year's fun times with friends and family and our little cute family of four!

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Happy Hump Day Friends! It snowed today and this girl had to go out and play it. She threw snow balls, buried Ariel and slid down the bridge and didn't want to come back inside and she completely melted my heart and let's up the snow is melted tomorrow, we're ready for Summer or at least have Spring back!

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