Monday, April 27, 2015

Read To Me

We are loving Peek Kid's story time and it gets us out of the house on Mondays in case you have the Monday blues! Every Monday here at Fashion Place they'll read stories to your little babes at eleven o'clock so check your local store for hours! Which I think is totally amazing so I can find the cutest things for her and our little stud! Every time we go in Adie insists on a lolly-pop and this time we escaped without the bouncy ball and instead went home with the cutest lip-glosses ever! I totally need a set for my purse too! They remind me of summer and she couldn't get enough on her lips while they read her favorite Alice in Wonderland story!

We have been busy today and finally found a bed for Adie that wasn't on back order and I cannot wait to show you guys! I so want to sneak in there tonight and snuggle her, she is growing up way too fast. But she is so excited and couldn't wait to get snuggled under the covers and pretend to sleep and bring all of her friends with her. I can already see sleepovers, popcorn and movies, snuggles and a whole lot of sneaking out in the middle of the night! Fingers crossed this will be a smooth transition and we will all get to sleep in!

These are a few of our favorite books in Adie's library and a few we picked up for little brother. I love finding a good book that Adie wants to read every night! Right now her favorite is Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole! The funnest pictures ever and she loves everything about it and makes both Eric and I read it to her plus two other books, everyone gets a turn saying prayer, and of course a splash of something to drink followed by tons of kisses! Best routine ever! 

alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole [peek kids or here] | little owls night | stick and stone | a hare and a hound | flora and the flamingo | what do you do with an idea [7.99 with a purchase of another children's book @ Barnes and Noble] | alice in wonderland | sherlock holmes | i need my monster | where the wild things are

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