Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Thirty two weeks pregnant and our little stud is the size of a pineapple [Eric's favorite] according to my iPhone baby app! When I see anything pineapple it instantly reminds me of summer and how right now I am wishing it was sunshine and sandals all day! Spring in Utah is different every day and I love the rain but I desperately need the sunshine kisses so does Adie! 

A few tips that have been working for me and our little stud at 32 weeks:

 Nap whenever you need too [my favorite one]. Continue walking and getting fresh air and that sunshine! Take probiotics ... eat yogurt and fermented foods if you haven't already. Your little babes is counting on your healthy bacteria flora. Take omega 3's especially DHA. Your baby's brain is growing rapidly during the 3rd trimester and needs omega 3's! Eat flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and wild caught Alaskan Salmon if you're into seafood. Journal ... write about your thoughts, dreams, and feelings! Draw them! Talk to your little babes! They totally hear you and are in-tuned with everything you are feeling and thinking!  Do what brings you joy! Practice your kegals and breathing exercises! This one is huge for me with the second pregnancy! Write a letter to your other half and give them 5-10 reasons why you're grateful for them! Make sure you are eating healthy and drinking 2-3 quarts of water a day. This is super important because your baby is made up of what you eat which is why I love my nutritional shakes that help keep me on track! 

Everything about summer keeps me wishing I was a beach bum and raising two at that! I love the beach and everything that comes with it! Tan lines are a huge favorite especially on my little Adie babes! This summer I cannot wait to get on a beach cruiser and let the salty air give me beach hair and the sun give me kisses all day long! I truly cannot wait to travel the beaches either, I see so many amazing places I have never been and what a better way to spend with your favorites before your little babes start kindergarten! That gives us 2-3 years to experience palm trees all over the world! I found this must have swimsuit in red and it would totally be perfect for the Forth of July which is Eric's favorite holiday! Can't blame him with all the BBQ's, pool days, fun summer drinks and fireworks! 

A few things that will be a for sure this summer is a lot of pool days with my three favorites and of course beverages that look like a tropical dream! I am a sunglasses obsessed girl, I'm not sure if it's because I grew up in Arizona where it's sunnier more than it's not. But I am always drawn to a good pair and number one is a for sure must this summer. I have a couple pair of birks and these ones I do have and now I need them in every color they make! They are so comfortable especially being 32 weeks pregnant and having a toddler babes, easy is what it's all about! I want NEED that escape bag [#3] for our beach days that are for sure going to happen this summer! I love having music playing out by the pool and this sunny life radio is perfect for on the go! We bought one last summer and it of course became Adie's with a broken handle so I want to grab a new one for this summer! Speaking of pineapples that phone case will be a for sure must have when I get my new iPhone to keep up with my two little babes! So freaking excited for the summer you guys!

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