Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kid Friendly Snacks

I don't know about any of you but I would rather snack all day and I think the same goes for my Adie babes! Our schedules are different every day and some days breakfast is a huge hit and others it's dinner! I love snacks that are simple and yet healthy at the same time and on the occasion a little treat! This summer I can already tell we will be total snack-ers being at the pool all day working on our tan lines! Adie could literally drink her meals if we would let her so healthy smoothies will be famous in our house all summer long. Not to mention how quick to throw a few berries and add your favorites for a perfect concoction to keep things refreshing with two little ones! I am already thinking of a few favorites we'll have to share with you guys! You add an umbrella to anything and it instantly takes me to the beach and I am in heaven! 

                       normal cooking | mini biscuit pizza                                         pure sugar | sour patch grapes      
        buns in my oven | cheddar snack mix                                             my recipes | popcorn balls              

Adie loves dipping anything in anything so that peanut butter dip will be perfect on afternoons we just need a little something to make eating healthy more fun! Eric is obsessed with watermelon and I think Adie is slowly taking after him once she remembers she likes it. So I cannot wait to make those watermelon slushies a regular in our house along with our pool days! I found these plates from Pottery Barn and am dying to start throwing some dinner parties and this seahorse snack bowl has me online shopping already! I love anything aquatic/ocean for decor and Pottery Barn never ever fails! #nailed it! The cheddar snack mix or sour patch grapes would be perfect for that snack bowl! 

         my recipes | hot pink smoothie                                             she knows | berry blast smoothie                                  
                         cacique | cheesy meatball cups                                        eats amazing | fruity yoghurt bites

We are so looking forward to the weekend and I will be for sure making some of these snacks since it's supposed to be rainy and cooler so snuggling watching another princess movie will be a must! And don't forget to let us know what snacks are your favorite for your little babes in the comments, we love new ideas and Adie will totally thank you!

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