Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hospital Bag

I have been finding so much fun stuff for our little baby boy on pinterest [you can follow his board here] and I cannot wait until he finally makes his debut! Adie and I went to my usual Doctor's appointment and we set a date to be induced! Which has me a little nervous and a lot excited! Six weeks will be here before you know it especially running around after Adie and making the most of our last time being just the two of us at home all day! Nothing makes me more crazy or feeling completely stressed out than not being prepared! I have two more baby showers [I know right?! lucky little stud and me] which will really help me narrow down what else we are going to need and what we are going to wing until after he gets here! But one thing that will completely calm my crazy [loco Mom Mom as Adie says] is having the hospital bag ready! Which I am dying to get this bag and it would be perfect for everything on our list! I will make sure to pack a few things for my girl too when she comes to meet her little brother so she knows how stinking loved she is! So here's a little peek into my hospital bag essentials.

your favorite robe | slippers | travel toiletries | phone & charger [during labor] | 

mom [not pictured for obvious reasons]:

toothbrush | comfy blanket [Eric totally needed this with Adie] | 

take-home outfit | beanie | paci | soft blanket [way home] | car-seat 

favorite snacks | pillows from home [sleep better] | boppy [for nursing | 
favorite drinks | spare change [for Hubby snacking at vending machine] | 
iPad or computer [for movies and/or internet use]

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